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GPS Trackers and Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Fleet Tracking in kent

I Track Direct makes GPS vehicle tracking a simple solution.

GPS Trackers and Vehicle Tracking Systems

Whether you’re a business owner with a fleet of vehicles or an individual with a classic car, I Track Direct have an affordable solution that lets you track, monitor and manage your assets in real-time.

We help clients improve safety & reduce operating costs.

Peace of mind

Our GPS Trackers will provide you with total peace of mind, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


We’ll make sure you get the most from your new GPS tracker by providing one-on-one technical support every step of the way with your requirements.


We are a UK based company that has over 18-years of experience in the GPS tracking industry. Our customers are extremely happy with our products and services.


You have total control. Simply supply the Police with your Account Reference and they can access the LIVE Tracking.

GPS Trackers Features and Benefits

See where all your vehicles are at any given moment, dispatch your drivers quickly and get valuable business insights from a range of powerful, fully-automated reports.

Get ahead of the competition with faster response times, accurate estimated time of arrival (ETAs) and improved invoice accuracy.

Improve your operational efficiency by optimising driver routes, dispatching the nearest vehicle, reducing unauthorised use, eliminating fuel theft, reducing tyre wear, decreasing speeding, and wasteful idling.

Including speeding and harsh driving occurrences which puts the safety of your drivers and the reputation of your business at risk.

Fleet Tracking Platform
GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers to keep tabs on your vehicles & assets

Better fleet visibility helps you take stock of what you have and how it’s being used. Our GPS trackers can help you uncover hidden costs while revealing the potential for greater productivity and efficiency.

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Track Anything

GPS Trackers – A Complete Tracking Solution

I Track Direct provides a complete GPS tracking solution for fleet managers to track vehicles and assets.

Real time GPS updates for locations, driver behavior, and vehicle maintenance all in one platform.


From a Smartphone you need our APP called TrackManager. Please download it FREE from the links BELOW