car tracking device

Car thieves have changed their methods to overcome modern factory-fitted security. Because of techniques such as ‘relay attack’, thieves can now easily steal cars in seconds and a concerning number of these stolen vehicles are never recovered. Using our car tracking device can help recover your vehicle in the event of a theft.

Why you need a car tracking device

Getting a car tracking device installed is a quick, easy and simple process. With two options, we can supply an intelligent tracker that detects a range of car brands, an automatic tracking system with an immobiliser, or a speed tracker for cyclists and drivers.

The average car theft costs car owners £5,600 and is one of the most costly types of insurance claims. According to Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex, car theft has risen by 43% in Essex in the last two years.

Research commissioned by car manufacturer Ford, nearly two-thirds of all drivers are unaware that they are at risk of their vehicle being stolen.

We are the leading car tracking company in the UK. Car theft costs the UK economy £9 billion a year.

How car trackers work

Stolen vehicles are never really gone for good, you just have to find them and our newly installed car tracking device can help you do that. Unlike a lot of ‘radar’ technologies, a car tracker can instantly locate an unregistered car in a matter of seconds.

Once an open car has been detected in your area, your tracker will immediately allow you to track the location of your car on a map, so you can always know where your vehicle is.

Purchasing a car tracker can often seem like a daunting prospect, especially when there are so many options. However, we can help you and guide you along the way with our 30 years experience within the security sector. We supply a car tarcking device which will keep you peace of mind if the worst happens and your pride and joy gets stolen.

What type of tracker should you get?

A tracker that is no larger than your wallet and offers a battery life of at least two years is ideal. We also recommend a device that has an SMS function. By quickly receiving a text message with a code that is required to get your vehicle back, you will not have to wait for a call from a shipping company or police officer. What features do you need? Having a range of features, such as GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile and web connectivity, is essential. While these features are incredibly useful, it’s important to consider what you want to use them for. For example, a GPS function is ideal for tracking your vehicle’s location in a manner that you can also used to locate it if your phone goes missing.

How to install the car tracking device

The installation of a car tracking device is easy; once we’ve installed and calibrated the tracker, you can simply mount the tracker within the boot or a secure compartment of the car. When tracking starts, the device will automatically pair with your car’s Bluetooth. Use the app and a Bluetooth key fob to link the two devices. A full minute is all that’s needed for the entire setup process. After the installation process is complete, simply check the car’s status in the app and you should be able to see your car’s position within seconds. You can even set up further alarms if you have found your car in another location. Is car theft a thing of the past?


To summarise the key benefits of installing a car tracking device, you would have to consider each of the key categories individually. Regardless of whether your car is stolen, has an alarm installed, or is just equipped with keyless entry and start technology, a tracking device will help to avoid the danger of a vehicle being used and sold on to someone else. For example, you could consider a theft-deterrent car locker.