GPS Dog Trackers

What are GPS dog trackers?

GPS dog trackers are a device commonly attached to pet collars for dogs to provide real time around the clock tracking, so you can monitor the movements of your beloved dog.

It has a GPS tracking unit that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) to track the device on your dog’s collar.

GPS dog trackers (or tracking collars) allow you to find your dog if they ever escape from your garden or decide to explore when you are out and about walking.

If I’d have had a GPS dog tracker on my dog, I’d have seen the whereabouts of my beloved family dog, and avoided an ulcer and half as many grey hairs as I have.

gps dog trackers

How Do GPS Dog Trackers Work?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, and it is the best, and most commonly used, location tracking technology on earth.

The GPS system was created by the US government, but today it is used around the world for commercial as well as military purposes.

GPS is essentially a network of 24 satellites circling the earth. Via these satellites, it is possible to determine the exact location on earth of any device capable of sending and receiving GPS signals.

Now, GPS works on its own, but it does not need access to the internet. However, in order for you to see your dog’s location, the tracker needs to be able to send you data.

Most trackers these days are also equipped with data and/or Wi-Fi connectivity. This way, it becomes possible for you to see your dog’s location in real-time.

Finding your dog in case of an emergency is critical. The best GPS dog trackers allows you to find your dog with ease.

Our GPS trackers also include a battery charger for the tracker.

We also have our very own app for your phone, and is very easy to install. Our mobile application is compatible with (iOS or Android) mobile phones.

Tracking Your Pet’s Activity

The very first pet trackers were all about activity, like fitness trackers—we quantified them as “Fitbits for pets,” and that description still largely stands.

Taking your dog for regular walks is a great way to track your dogs activiy and also a great way to keep fit.

Imagine if your dog spotted something far away then ran off? You are frantically calling him but he ignores you then he is out of your sight.

Some companies have thrown themselves into the activity tracking business in a big way. PetPace, with a deep focus on dog health and working with vets, is all about generating reports on fitness, showing various movement levels from resting to high-activity, plus pulse and respiration.

Most of the trackers calculate activity using proprietary algorithms, so pick a device based on the activity that’s important to you.

Do I Need a Tracker if My Pet is Microchipped?

A tracking device is not a replacement for microchipping your dog, as a microchip is only useful if someone finds your pet, and has access to a micro-chip reader.

A dog tracker will enable you to find your dog as soon as you realise they are lost, and should guide you to their exact location.

Which type dogs need to GPS dog tracker?

Honestly, we think just about every dog would benefit from wearing a GPS dog tracker. As we all know, no matter how well disciplined your dog is, accidents can happen.

Your home could be burglarized with your dog home alone, the hotel door can open and your dog can escape, your backyard gate can become unlatched. One way or another, dogs and their people get separated.

If your dog is an escape artist , a GPS dog tracker device is invaluable. If your dog has been known to climb fences, dig out out yards, bolt for open doors or otherwise get away and explore on his own, you NEED a GPS dog tracker.

Dogs who are traveling would also do well to wear a GPS. A dog in unfamiliar territory can easily become lost if he’s
separated from his people.

During the winter months, dogs who walking in snow are also at risk of becoming lost, even if they’re in familiar territory. The snow makes it more difficult for a lost dog to return home.

Is your dog home alone?

If your dog is home alone much of the day, a GPS collar is a great way for you to enjoy some peace of mind. You can check
your app and see that your dog is safely at home,. Many units even include activity monitors so you can see if he’s napping or playing.

GPS units are also great for dogs without good recall . If you accidentally drop on your dog walk when your dog spots a squirrel, are you 100% confident that you can call your dog back to you?

If you have a deaf dog or a dog whose hearing has become impaired by age, GPS dog trackers are a great tool. Sadly several years ago one of our neighbors had holiday company including a senior deaf dog.

The dog–in unfamiliar territory–wandered out while the family was eating dinner. Our entire neighborhood searched for the dog but he was never seen again.


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