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Providing GPS Trackers Since 1995

about itrack direct

Darren Ryder
Director & founder

About ITrack Direct

About iTrack Direct

I Track Direct is a family-owned company based in Kent, operating throughout the UK. We’ve been providing fleet management systems, fleet tracking and other GPS tracking services for over twenty years.

I Track Direct provides affordable vehicle GPS tracking solutions.

Our bespoke web-based control panel and mobile apps are made available to our customers of all sizes and are easy to use.

Whether you need to track a single vehicle or hundreds, we have the solution for you! 

With our GPS fleet tracking devices, you can see exactly where your vehicles are on a map, allowing you to ensure they are being used efficiently and also be able to provide your customers with up-to-date ETAs.

Why Choose ITrack Direct?

With over 20 years of experience across the United Kingdom, we are customer-focused and seek to provide the best solution for your needs, and can customise solutions to fit your requirements.

Our GPS tracking devices and management systems are one of the most feature packed yet affordable solutions available on the market today.

You won’t find better value for your money anywhere else.

The GPS fleet management system we offer is full of essential features that will make your business function more efficiently and easily.

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GPS Fleet Tracking

We have affordable, scalable solutions that will significantly improve your customer service, increase your business efficiency, and cut your operating costs.

Much of the GPS technology now available is not well known by consumers and we know you’ll be surprised at how much we can do to improve your operating efficiency and your customers’ experience.

Beyond vehicles, we can also track equipment in your business to make sure it’s being used most efficiently.

I Track Direct are here to assist and support your business to improve its processes. We want you to operate more efficiently and work smarter so that your business can maintain its competitive edge.

Smart GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions

About iTrack Direct Cont...

I Track Direct are committed to helping and supporting small business owners and their staff to improve their operational efficiency so they can operate more effectively, maintain their competitive edge, and create a culture of continuous improvement.

Our team of dedicated technicians is driven to working closely with each individual client in order to provide not just any solution, but one that both fits their requirements and budget.

We are proud of our reputation for providing premier quality service at an affordable price.

We understand that not everyone can afford GPS fleet tracking devices, which is why we offer a wide range of GPS tracking solutions, all at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.