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Which Car Tracker? This starts with a question – Has your insurance company asked for an Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracker? If the answer is YES.. Then lets look at this first. We will use a typical theft of a vehicle scenario to demonstrate why there are options open to you. Here we will tell you what it the difference between an S7 and S5 Insurance Approved Tracker.

Insurance companies will often insist on either an S7 Insurance Approved Tracker or an S5 Insurance Approved Tracker. This is a Tracker what has undergone testing BUT the main part of this is that it is supported by a 24 hours Support Control Room to liaise with you and the Police in the event of the theft of your vehicle while your vehicle has a Car Tracker.

What’s the Difference between and S5 and S7 Insurance Approved Car Tracker?

Let’s try to keep this straight forward.

An S7 Insurance approved Car Tracker provides GPS Tracking via a small unit within the vehicle. This is installed by an approved installer. This is not a DIY installation as the Car Tracker needs to be hidden well within the vehicle so that in the event the thief tries to find it its much harder than being on display.

The Tracker has a GPS Antenna to find itself and also Mobile Technology to be able to transmit this data to our servers so you can see this on the App and Desktop Login. The S7 Insurance Approved Tracker will alert the control room IF the vehicle is towed away and the ignition has not been turned on. It will Track all of the time regardless. The Control Room for this tracker will support you and the Police to recover the vehicle 24/7.

An S5 Insurance approved Car Tracker has all of the same system above with a little extra. On installation you are provided with Driver ID tags. These MUST be inside the vehicle when being driven. If not then the Car Tracker will alert the control room and you will be contacted. The advantage of this is to stop key cloning theft as this is huge in the UK right now. As you probably know form the news that most Key Cloning thefts take place in under 60 seconds. What they cannot clone is the Driver ID Tag that the Car Tracker Looks for. So, if the GPS Tracker cannot see it the Control room is alerted.

There are some extras that can be added such an engine immobilisation but this is the most common question we are asked.

I don’t need an Insurance Approved Car Tracker!

If this is the case then lets explain what’s on offer in terms of choice.

Our Car Trackers use exactly the same technology as the insurance Approved Trackers BUT without the control room. You are effectively the control room to receive the alerts.

If your car is taken from your home or moves outside of the designated area then a pop up alert and e mail will be sent to you. You then call the police and provide your login details and allow access to the Police to the GPS Data. Our Car Trackers not only record the LIVE GPS Location of the car but also show all the previous journeys you have taken.

When logging into to review the driver history our Car Tracker System will allow you to see Full Driver Behaviour reports on each Journey. This shows Harsh Acceleration, Braking and Corning amongst other data. You can see a LIVE demo login here

With a little bit of Extra work and equipment we can allow remote immobilisation of the vehicle via our APP. The GPS is LIVE and reports every 30 seconds while the car is motion.

Magnetic GPS Tracking

There are some other ways at protecting your vehicle from Theft. We Supply ready to go Magnetic GPS Trackers which simply attach to the underside of the vehicle. The difference being is magnetic trackers are generally used for plant and machinery or vulnerable items. When thieves steal a car they will often look for the Car Tracker but rarely underneath the vehicle. These Magnetic Car Trackers will last for up to 12 months without charge. They report their location every 6 hours to save battery levels and provide excellent recovery chances for stolen vehicles.

Installing a Car Tracker near me

We are one of the leading installers of Car Trackers whether it be Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracker or not. We can provide you with a fast car tracker installation in the UK.

I Track Direct offer fully mobile installation services so that we can come to your home or work and install a car tracker for you.

If you would like to install a car yourself, our Car Tracker is an ideal buy and would be a great choice as it works out the box and can easily be installed. We will even provide you with some guidance over the phone on 01622 234510 or Freephone 0800 804 6170