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It is estimated that over 30,000 cars were reported stolen in Reading last year, which means that Reading motorists have had to face up to the fact that their car could be at risk. There are many reasons why people steal cars and it isn’t always the most expensive or top of the range ones that get stolen. Even if you have a modest car that has seen better days, there is still a market for a thief to steal it and this means you should be proactive in looking after your car.

Why choose us

Vehicle car trackers in Reading is an important aspect of any private or commercial business, which is why you deserve a trusted UK company that is best suited to your needs. We offer you a service that is focused to make sure that we do not only become your service provider but also your partner in tracking the vehicles in your fleet. We uphold our values to a high extent so that we always push through the extra mile to give you 100% customer satisfaction. No fleet is too large or too small for us, we can do it all!

Why Install a Car Tracker

Installing a tracker system will increase the chances of recovering your vehicle and also save you money on insurance premiums. Many vehicles stolen in Reading are exported around the world, so there is only a limited period of time to locate and recover your vehicle. This is why choosing the most effective car tracker in Reading is a sensible move. If you want to find the best and most efficient car tracker installation company in Reading, it makes sense to contact an expert you can trust. 

How car trackers work

Car trackers work via GPS. A GPS tracking device is installed within the vehicle, which sends out data on a continuous basis to the main satellite hub. The data includes details of the vehicle’s location, time, and speed of travel.

This type of data can be sent out from every couple of seconds to every couple of minutes, depending on the level of control required by the vehicle owner or the monitoring company.

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Car Tracker Reading

A GPS car tracker in Reading will provide you with a variety of benefits. Below are just three of the top benefits for you to consider:

What to do next

No matter what your budget is or what sort of vehicle you have, it makes sense to be proactive in looking after your car. Losing your car can cause a great deal of inconvenience and hassle, so make sure you try to minimise any disruption you may face. A car tracker Reading are also demanded by many insurers as a condition of the policy if you are lucky enough to own a high-value or prestige vehicle such as a supercar or SUV. For the best selection of GPS car trackers available in Reading, make sure you choose I Track Direct. You can contact our friendly team for help and advice on 0800 804 6170.

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