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East Cardiff Car Crime at an all time HIGH

859 Car Crime offences per 10,000 cars in East Cardiff and set to rise so when it comes to choosing Car Trackers in Cardiff it s more of a need than a want. Compare this to Swansea at only 375 per 10,000 and we say only but even that is way too high. So when searching for Car Trackers in Cardiff, Look no further. 

GPS Tracking provides that piece of mind

Generally GPS Trackers are wired into the vehicle in unusual places to avoid detection. Different types of Trackers provide different levels of security and we are here to give you those options for car trackers in Cardiff.

Car Trackers in Cardiff are widely used to assist the police after the theft has taken place and are even used as decoy vehicles by the Police with in car audio and video. Yes there are options for immobilisation to stop the theft of high value cars but we are talking from experience of supporting these operations by the Police. 

Car Trackers in Cardiff Stolen data
Car Trackers in Cardiff Stolen car

Choosing the right Car Tracker in Cardiff.

Engine immobilisation is one way but can often trigger a reaction from the car thief depending on how much they want that car combined with their own crime barriers. Having a car Tracker in Cardiff can be the way to not only see where the car is but to recover it without any confrontation of having the Car smashed up while in a police pursuit. Historic GPS Tracking data can also give great ways to identify lines of enquiry for the Police while investigating your crime. 
A recent incident by South Wales Police using this GPS Tracking Data showed the stolen vehicle stopped at a fuel station. Not to fill up but to get food. Well there you have it, buying your coffee and pasty and SMILE YOU ARE ON CCTV 🙂


Why Choose I Track Direct?

We have become the UK’s number one supplier and installer of GPS tracking devices. We use the latest in mobile phone and motion sensor technology, along with the most sophisticated GPS location systems. All of our GPS trackers have a battery backup and are able to continue to work without power.
Nationwide GPS

We have experience that counts. We have years of experience to be able to discuss and advise you which tracker you need and this can be very specific to different types of vehicles.

Our Tracking subscriptions for non-insurance approve Tracker is generally £8.50 per month inc VAT. There are no tie in contracts and if you need to cancel we just cancel it for you.

We offer a nationwide fitting service and most of our trackers are fitted within 3 days of purchase by a trained professional.

Price always plays a part in your decision.

With the cost of living always going up price is always going to affect your decisions when choosing car trackers in Cardiff.

We do our best to be the most competitive in the market. We won’t try and sell you a car tracker in Cardiff because there is more profit in that particular car tracker.

We will look at what you actually need. For example we have special offers on our S7 Insurance Approved Trackers.

You may be in a position where your insurance company have insisted you need an S7 Insurance approved Tracker.

Our Price is amazing at £199.99 Inc. VAT compare this with the same product at another suppliers of £399.99. Why is this so expensive? Someone else’s profit margin. That’s why…

We offer a Self-monitored Fully installed GPS Car Tracker for as little at £97.99 Inc. VAT

vehicle gps tracking

How does a Car Tracker work?

Let us look at the honest and practical theft scenarios around the theft of your vehicle.

1) Control Room – Insurance Approved Tracker s5

Your Vehicle is driven without the driver tag present. Your phone will ring and you get to decide if it’s you driving or stolen from the options on the phone. If you are laying in bed and the vehicle is driving then… It’s stolen. You must call the police and give them your registration and they will liaise directly with the control centre to recover the vehicle.

Let’s just say the Police Response for The Police is good (I doubt it but let’s just pretend for a second) The Police liaise with the Control Centre for the Approved Insurance. Your vehicle is still moving. Police are dispatched to the stolen vehicle, it’s unlikely they are going to stop for the police, a police pursuit ensues and the police use a system called TPAC (Tactical Pursuit and Containment). 

Sounds good doesn’t it… very exciting… Not when your vehicle is smashed up by the police trying to catch the criminals. We are not criticising TPAC or the police response here at all BUT their objectives are to catch the criminals and have no regard to the vehicle. They just think the insurance will cover it. Which they will BUT again you are going to pay that price in your insurance premium.

This is not the case in all but it is very common.

2) Self-Monitored – GPS Car Tracker

Let’s keep it similar. You’re laying in bed and your phones alert goes off from our App Saying your vehicle is moving. You know it’s not you as you were asleep. You still need to call the police and you give them access to your login and they can have LIVE data about where the vehicle is located. 

The same scenario about TPAC and your vehicle can take place. What is different here is that you are not paying for the Insurance Approved Control Room which makes a big difference to the price of the Car Tracker and Installation.

3) What happens in over 80% of Car Thefts in Cardiff

You are asleep, you have your phone on silent and you don’t hear any calls or alerts.
You wake up and the car has gone. After 2 minutes of working out if the kids have borrowed it and checking you’re not going mad, you realise it’s been stolen.

Car Trackers in Kent

What next?

You call the police with either your insurance approved Tracker ID or your I Track Direct Login.

Most vehicles are parked up for at least 24 hours to see if there is a GPS Tracker inside. This gives you’re the opportunity for you or the police to recover the vehicle. Guess What? NO damage, NO TPAC and NO Insurance Claim

1. Call us on 01622 234510 for FREE advice to help you choose a car tracker
2. Book an installation date and time with us.
3. Our Engineer will come to you at home or work and install the car tracker.
4. We will e mail all login details directly to you.


If you prefer to do things online
1. Purchase online the Tracker you require.
2. Our Page will take you to a sign up for the subscription.
3. We will then call you to arrange a date and time for installation
4. We will e mail all login details for your chosen GPS Car Tracker.

Just give us a call on 01622 234510 to get the best Car Trackers in Cardiff