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Car Trackers In Manchester

Car Thefts in Manchester – Let’s Fight Back Against Car Crime

Recent research shows in 2022, there were more vehicle offences related to theft taking place in Greater Manchester than any other theft related crime such as shoplifting and vandalism.

Car insurance firm Z1 looked at Government figures to see how much car-related crime the police forces across the country have been having to deal with. Greater Manchester Police are facing a range of issues for crimes involving cars.

If a car tracker was installed in these vehicles, it would have given the owners a 75% better chance to get their cars back. The demand for car trackers in Manchester is in more demand than ever.

There is a growing trend of organised gangs targeting high performance cars in Manchester.

Having a car tracker can play an important role in helping to protect your vehicle from theft. By tracking the location of your car, you can ensure that it is always safe and can also assist the police in Manchester for a speedy recovery.

Car Theft Analysis in Manchester

In the city-region there were 12,756 offences recorded for the first time. This gives a rate of 447.85 per 100,000 people.

Greater Manchester had the third-highest rate of theft or unauthorised taking of a motor vehicle, at 217.18 per 100,000 people.

In total there were 6,186 of these offences recorded.

Car Trackers in Manchester

Why Install a Car Tracker in Manchester?

1) Know where your car is

One of the most popular reasons for installing a vehicle tracker is that it will ensure you always know where your car is. If you are a victim of thieves, police and recovery services will know exactly where to find your car.

2) Reduce running costs

A vehicle tracking system can give you a better idea of your running costs, as well as allowing you to review how your team’s driving habits could increase your overall fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

3) Receive instant alerts

Car tracker fitting also means you can enjoy instant alerts on your fleet. This means if one enters an unsafe zone or is moving without you knowing it, you will receive an instant alert.

4) Reduce insurance premiums

An insurance approved car tracker can also help you reduce your insurance premiums, with many providers offering discounts for having a car tracking device installed in your vehicle.

Installation of a car tracking device can help you manage your vehicle maintenance. When your car requires maintenance such as an MOT or a general service, you can schedule to receive push notifications on our free Tracker App which is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Why Choose I Track Direct?

We have become the UK’s number one supplier and installer of GPS tracking devices. We use the latest in mobile phone and motion sensor technology, along with the most sophisticated GPS location systems. All of our GPS Car trackers have a battery backup and are able to continue to work without power for a period.

Nationwide GPS

We have many years of experience to discuss and advise you on which car tracker you need.

Our Tracking subscriptions for a non-insurance approved Tracker is £8.50 per month incl VAT. There are no tie in contracts and if you need to cancel, we just cancel it for you.

We offer a nationwide fitting service and most of our trackers are fitted within 3 days of purchase by a trained professional.