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Car Trackers In Wolverhampton

Car Thefts in Wolverhampton – It’s not getting better!

In August 2022, West Midlands police had a discovered a major chop shop which may be linked to dozens of stolen vehicles been uncovered in Wolverhampton. These include Mercedes cars stolen in July from Bristol and Wolverhampton respectively, a BMW M4 taken last November in a car-key burglary in Cheltenham.

If a car tracker was installed in these vehicles it would of given the owners a 70% better chance to get their cars back.

The demand for car trackers in Wolverhampton is in more demand than ever.

There is a growing trend of organised gangs targeting high performance cars in Wolverhampton.

Having a car tracker can play an important role in helping to protect your vehicle from theft. By tracking the location of your car, you can ensure that it is always safe and secure and also assist the police in Wolverhampton for a speedy recovery.

In September 2022, police reported that three cars were stolen from separate areas. In one incident, a black Mercedes was taken from a home in Bushbury. In the second, a red BMW was stolen from a property in Wednesfield and finally, a White Audi was taken from a flat in Heath Town. Which area could it be next? Could it be yours? You can do something about it now to help you have a better chance getting your car back.

The demand for car trackers in Wolverhampton is ever increasing, and there are more  being fitted everyday, so it’s worth speaking to us when choosing a car tracker in Wolverhampton.

What West Midlands Police do to target these criminals. 

Car Trackers in Wolverhampton are installed and wired into the vehicle in unusual places to avoid detection. Different Car Trackers provide different levels of security 

Police across the West Midlands are facing an ever-increasing challenge to target stolen vehicles. This isn’t just the police chase at the end, which is what you normally see. It’s the targeting by surveillance and intelligence such as installing car trackers that’s making a difference and increasing the chances for car owners to get their car back.

Car Trackers in Wolverhampton

Vehicle thefts are reported and discussed daily by the Investigation teams to establish lines of enquiries which may link suspect motor vehicles to the actual theft of your car. 

Your vehicle is then entered onto the National Crime Database and circulated to all police forces across the country. The Police will continue to make efforts to trace your car, but the chances of recovery decrease over time.

Intelligence provided by Source Handler officers is also used to identify vehicle dump sites and suspects, in addition to crime reports. This intelligence is then used to obtain search warrants, surveillance authorities and create arrest packages for suspects of these crimes.

Why Choose I Track Direct?

We have become the UK’s number one supplier and installer of GPS tracking devices. We use the latest in mobile phone and motion sensor technology, along with the most sophisticated GPS location systems. All of our GPS Car trackers have a battery backup and are able to continue to work without power for a period.

Nationwide GPS

We have many years of experience to discuss and advise you on which car tracker you need.

Our Tracking subscriptions for a non-insurance approved Tracker is £8.50 per month incl VAT. There are no tie in contracts and if you need to cancel, we just cancel it for you.

We offer a nationwide fitting service and most of our trackers are fitted within 3 days of purchase by a trained professional.