Cheapest Van Tracker

We have TWO options for you. BOTH options give you an amazing tracker. One Van Tracker includes 2 years GPS Tracking which is LIVE Tracking BUT does not show historic data therefore allowing us to not have to store your historic data and be able to give you this MUCH cheaper. Some customers don;t need to know where it was just where is it now. Hence we designed what we call Simple Tracking using a van tracker.

Here is what you get in this amazing offer for SIMPLE TRACKING of £89.99 inc VAT

1 x Waterproof GPS Tracker (2 Wire Installation)

2 Years Unlimited GPS Tracking Included

A secure link to click to see where your Tracking is any anytime and watch it LIVE as the Van Tracker Moves. This offer doesn’t use our APP just a web link. Hence saving costs.

This is designed to keep your costs down and makes it the Cheapest Van Tracker on the market with FULL Customer Support via 01622 234510 or Freephone 0800 804 6170

If you want to buy this please go via our unique link here

If you want to be able to look back at the history of the Van Tracker then this offer isn’t for you BUT THE ONE BELOW IS….

HERE is an AMAZING DEAL for a Van Tracker 

Here is what you get in this amazing Van Tracker offer of £49.99 inc VAT / £8.50 per month non contract subscription.

1 x GPS Tracker (FMB920)

1 x Non Contract Subscription for £7.08 + VAT (£8.50) per month Direct Debit. This can be cancelled at ANYTIME

Self Install or We can arrange this for you for £40.00 + VAT with our Nationwide Installation Service.


The difference being this GPS Van Tracker is linked to our App and Servers so that you have FULL UNLIMITED ACCESS to LIVE and Historic data inc alerts, driver behaviour analysis and more…This is still one of the cheapest BUT best Van Trackers on the market. This isn’t a TK102 model of Tracker that is unreliable and you have to place your own sim inside and try and set this up yourself. We just won’t get involved in these models.

The Van Tracker comes ready to go and there is no setup whatsoever required by you. 

The Process is as simple as 1 2 3.

1) Choose the Van Tracker you require. For example this is a Best Selling Van Tracker

2) Pay and Checkout via our Website.

3) You will be diverted to our Monthly Subscription Setup page for example with this Tracker it’s £7.08 + VAT (£8.50) Enter your details and that’s it.

4) We will then send your Van Tracker out to you along with Login e mails for our APP and Web login. 

Are there other options for Van Trackers?

Yes there are always other options but if you add options such as remote immobilsation then the installation price is a little more as there is a lot more involved than a simple installation and setup.

For example, We can supply and Install a Van Tracker with remote immobilsation. This means from our APP you can command the Van Tracker to not allow engine starting. This is great if the van is stolen as you can choose to Disable the vehicle remotely. Especially as most Van that are stolen are parked up for at least 24 hours to ensure there are no GPS trackers fitted. This then gives you the time to recover the van yourself. 

Magnetic GPS Tracking

There are some other ways at protecting your van from Theft. We Supply ready to go Magnetic GPS Trackers which simply attach to the underside of the vehicle. The difference being is magnetic trackers are generally used for plant and machinery or vulnerable items. When thieves steal a van they will often look for the Van Tracker but rarely underneath the vehicle. These Magnetic GPS Trackers will last for up to 12 months without charge. They report their location every 6 hours to save battery levels and provide excellent recovery chances for stolen vehicles.

Installing a Van Tracker near me

We are one of the leading installers of Van Trackers whether it be Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracker or not. We can provide you with a fast van tracker installation in the UK.

I Track Direct offer fully mobile installation services so that we can come to your home or work and install a car tracker for you.

If you would like to install a Van Tracker yourself, our Van Tracker is an ideal buy and would be a great choice as it works out the box and can easily be installed. We will even provide you with some guidance over the phone on 01622 234510 or Freephone 0800 804 6170