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Looking after the ones you love or care for with a GPS DOG TRACKER...

Our GPS Dog Tracker is designed and programmed to maximise battery life while using all the GPS satellites to locate you dog. This is LIVE GPS tracking which you are able to view LIVE on your phone via our APP. We can set the Tracker to your specific requirements. i.e. We can tell the Tracker NOT to start sending data until it has seen 30 seconds continuous movement. This way we can extend the battery life EVEN MORE. Please just let us know your requirements and we will ensure you have the best GPS tracking experience and support.

Dog Tracker

A REAL TIME LIVE GPS Dog Tracker that you can trust

Is your pet an escape artist that somehow manages to free himself from the yard all the time? Or maybe you’re training a hunting dog, and he’s learning to follow commands in the field. No matter what your reason is, getting some sort of pet tracker is a good idea for keeping tabs on your pets. While tracking collars and tags are your first step, a GPS device provides a level of safety that’s lacking with a collar.

If you’re looking to add a GPS tracker for your animal to the list of pet supplies for your next order, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got several nice options—it all depends on what you’re looking for and how you plan to use a pet GPS device. The average pet owner might be looking for a way to simply track their pets’ movements throughout the day and make sure they don’t stray too far from home.

Most devices on the market claim to be Full GPS but when you dig a little more they are nothing more than a Bluetooth locator and quite frankly not up to the job and only detect up to about 100 m from your phone. Our Trackers are FULLY REAL TIME LIVE GPS Trackers which pinpoint your four legged friend every 30 seconds.

We even have a button within our APP for EMERGENCY TRACKING which sends your tracker a command to report every 5 seconds and another button to set off the INTERNAL SOUNDER to help you locate your dog

The Most Durable GPS Tracker

As you can see we are specialists in GPS Tracking so we know our stuff. Let us give you an example… We can control the internal configuration of the GPS Dog Tracker. Now this is a TECHIE WARNING and potentially a little boring but bear with us…..The Tracker starts sending GPS and Data from the moment the Tracker senses movement of your dog.

BUT if you have placed the tracker on their collar early to go out you don’t want to be wasting battery life of the Tracker before you even leave. Therefore we have programmed the tracker to only send data when the dog has been in motion for 30 seconds or more. So if the dog has the Tracker on while in the house and moves his/her head for a few seconds you don’t need that information or battery use.

When you go on a walk, you can check the GPS tracker to see how far you’ve walked and where you’re at on your route.The GPS pet tracker will start sending information directly to your APP. You simply login and each tracker is ready to use and just needs a charge when it arrives.

GPS Dog Trackers

How do you use a wearable dog tracker?

As you can see this is “Jasper” who is one of our dogs at home. We have simply clipped this onto his existing collar. You simply charge the Dog Tracker with the Cable we supply and a few hours later its fully charged and ready to go for a walk.

We email you all the login details for our APP and that’s it you are off and running, nope we mean walking. Now we have actually had these for a while, we are confident to say these are the most durable dog GPS tracker on the market.

We now have an additional dog called “Raphie”. We should have called him Houdini as we think he is an escape artist and magician as he can get out of anywhere. When he sees the woods he gets very excited a nd runs off without looking back until we are ot of sight.

Our GPS trackers use GPS, just like you use on a smartphone. Pet GPS trackers let you see your pet’s location by using an app, which alerts you whenever he’s gone beyond the preset boundaries. This way, you know when your pet’s up to no good, even when you can’t keep constant watch over him.

Using dog GPS monitors is always a good idea when you’re traveling, and especially when you’re in the process of moving. You certainly don’t want to add a missing pet to your list of worries, and with a GPS pet tracker, you won’t have to. For those who are training hunting dogs, a special GPS dog tracking system can be used to locate hounds, beagles or bird dogs.

These dog GPS trackers are usually lightweight and waterproof and will work over long ranges. For those tech savy dog owners, a dog camera would allow you to constantly watch and monitor your dogs whereabouts.

Meet “Raphie”

This little Cockapoo is our world but he loves running off into the woods and not coming back. Not anymore, as even yesterday 29.12.2020 he ran off for 10 mins BUT I didn’t panic as I could see him on the APP and knew he wasn’t far. The tracker reports every 30 seconds unless we push emergency tracking. Having the confidence that we can find him if we need to helps so much with our heart rates. As “Ralphie ” likes the woods a lot then I can also trigger the internal sounder within the tracker which emits a 30 second long beep to help you locate him.

When we get back to the car we take his Tracker off and place it on charge in the car USB port so its always 100% charged. We don’t need it on him inside the house BUT if we wanted to we can do. We can also even add a zone around our house so it would let us know if he ran off from the house.

Ralphie Dog Tracker 1

Customer Service, Costs and Expectations

Lets not pretend there are different levels of Customer Service depending on how much you pay. It should be the best it can be regardless, so you will speak to one of us when you call and not a call centre.

Our best dog trackers available today are at a special offer price of £33.33 + VAT (£39.99) (inc FREE next day DPD delivery (Monday to Friday)

Monthly charges – Our Monthly charge is £4.16 + VAT (£4.99) per month via Direct debit. There are no Contract Periods but these charges are necessary as each device uses the mobile networks to send the GPS Data to your smartphones. The sim cards inside are multi network so covers all UK networks and will attach itself to the best network in your area. It will even work in over 200 countries worldwide so you could take it on holiday with you.

Dog Tracker

£39.99 Special Offer


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