Drone Tracking GPS

20 Amazing Reasons to use Drone Tracking GPS

Never Lose your Drone Again using


We are Mid Design with a NEW style GPS Drone Tracking Device designed specifically with drone tracking in mind. Its NOT a Bluetooth Tracker. This is a fully enabled GPS Tracking unit which is multi network so uses all of the mobile networks to communicate.  Never Lose that DRONE again EVER

What are we designing?

  1. Worldwide GPS Tracking
  2. Waterproof
  3. Type C USB Charge Point
  4. Ring Clip or Velcro attachment
  5. Roaming Sim Ready to Go
  6. Reports Every 10 seconds
  7. Small & Compact 65g
  8. Turn on a Track
  9. FREE App
  10. LOW Monthly Direct Debit
  11. Up to 7 Day Battery Life without charging
  12. Zoning for alerts when the Drone Leaves your Zone
  13. Motion Sensor for when its Lost
  14. On board Sounder controlled via our APP
  15. View your flight history
  16. View your device LIVE in flight
  17. Battery Life monitoring and alerts
  18. Altitude monitoring
  19. £59.99 purchase price inc VAT
  20. Full UK customer support and Money Back Guarantee

Why Drone Tracking GPS?

We have only recently started using Drones ourselves to assist our clients recovering stolen property in those hard to get to areas. As a result of this we were a little worried about losing the drone we use. We simply asked what if it just dies and we lose £2500. There didn’t appear to be a reliable answer. We posted on Drone Flyers UK (Facebook) and some great people have come forward with some advice and given us what they want from a GPS Drone Tracker.

We are very much used to designing bespoke GPS tracking Products and as we have our own Development Team we can program specific Trackers to take on specific roles. We have been developing something new to the market and now with this idea I think we have a real game changer. We are not experienced in using Drones thats why we use someone who is when we need them but we are experienced in GPS Technology and design and we know we will bring a very special drone tracking GPS tracker to the market with your help.

Taking some of the design specifics above will make us stand apart from other items on the market. An example will be we are going to add a sounder so if your Drone has landed in a huge set of bushes you can activate the internal sounder from the APP to assist you in finding it when you simple cant see it. Another addition to this Drone Tracker is that if it is lost then you can immediately arm the motion sensor so that if someone moved it you will be alerted to the phone.. This is just some of the features we plan to bring in to make this the BEST DRONE TRACKER you can get.

We have looked at whats on the market and we believe with your input we can do better. Never afraid of competition take a look https://all3dp.com/1/best-drone-trackers-lost-drones/

Most are Radio Frequency Based and you need specialist Equipment to try to recover them. Some pretend to be GPS Trackers but are simply Bluetooth locator beacons which ave their place but just not here.

If you want to be part of this design please contact us using the form or on Facebook. We really do want to try and make this drone tracking gps suitable for everyone and at a cost that can be affordable. If you just want to see whats coming then please like our page on Facebook or Instagram and we will update our journey there.

We will be looking for some MARKET TESTERS out there who can give us honest and direct feedback. We will not be able to please everyone but we will give it a go.