Frequently asked Questions

Will the Tracker work as soon as I remove it from the box?

We highly recommend that you fully charge your Tracker before using for the first time. When fully charged the power/charger green light will flash. When turning the device on for the first time, you must switch it on either outside or next to a window. This is so that the device can establish its connection with the GPS. Then visit and Login to the Live tracking Panel. This is at the top right of the screen. If you are using our APP you can either visit the ITunes App Store (ITunes App Link) or the Android Play store (Android Play Store Link) and search for Trackserver. All you need to do then is ENTER the ACCOUNT REF which is the 6 digit number on the Tracker. This will be on the tracker or on your E mail confirmation.

Do I have to call I Track Direct Customer Service to activate my device?

No, Your device has already been activated you will just have to login to your account.

How long do the SMS and positions last?

The rate at which your positions and SMS credits are used, depends on which settings you have your device operating at. Your default setting is ‘send a position every 30 seconds’. You can change the interval at which your device reports in the Control Panel. If you change it to ‘report every 10 seconds’ your credit will not last as long. However if you change your setting to ‘report every 1 hour’ your positions will last much longer. If you are on PAYG please take a look at our BLOG post about choosing the right Data plan for you (Blog about choosing the right data plan for you – Click Here) . With our UNLIMITED GPS and SMS data plans you do not need to worry about this in terms of the amount of data you use. The main Data plan is for 5000 GPS positions and 30 SMS commands. The key to using PAYG is to maximise the time between GPS positions. That way you can make them last longer. The device will only report its GPS position while in motion.  

What happens when my SMS and positions credits have finished?

Simply e mail is at Tell us what you require and we will add it for you, alternatively purchase a separate Top up from us online at ITrackDirect SHOP but don’t forget to tell us your tracker ID number which is the 6 figure number you are given for your specific tracker.

Can I track more than one device in my Control Panel?

Yes, you can view as many devices as you like in your control panel. You can actively see ALL of them on the same Login. Alternatively we can provide separate logins to suit your needs.

Does the Tracking device have a warranty and if I have a problem what is the procedure?

The tracker has a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase. If you do have a problem then you must contact us on 0800 804 6170. If we cannot fix the problem and the warranty is valid, then we will dispatch a new unit to you.

What is the Emergency button, and how do I use it?

To activate the Panic Alarm, press (and hold for 2 seconds) the button located on the front of the device below the LED panel. You will feel a small vibrate on the button. The device will instantly inform you of its location via SMS to your mobile phone and on the control panel (You need to ADD the mobile number in the SETTINGS TAB). The panel will give an audible alert, show the device’s exact location and also have a visual warning signal.This is ideal for lone workers or people with vulnerability.

How long does the battery last on the Tracker?

Each Tracker model is different. Our most popular device is the ITrack2 GPS Tracker. This contains a rechargeable Lithium battery 2600 mAh allowing you to track for up to 14 days. The endurance of the battery depends on which interval you set your device to send its data. The more data your device is sending, the quicker the battery will deplete.However if you use the ECO MODE which we can activate for you then you can make this 2600mAh battery last up to a year when it reports every 12 hours.

How do I know when to charge my battery?

You can view battery strength at all times on the panel and the APP. If you are using the unit on its own battery then you can set the SETTING TAB with your mobile number to alert you with a text message when it reaches a predetermined value e.g. 20%  This is excellent when used in ECO mode or for a covert deployment so you don’t get caught out.


Are the Trackers waterproof?

The ITrack2 GPS Tracker is water resistant to standard IPX6. The Viper is fully Waterproof to IP67. We can also provide specific items for you to submerse them if you wish to do this.

Will my Tracker work on holiday?

The Tracker will work 24/7 in most countries around the world, please consult our customer services for more information. Our SIm data plans are multi Network sims so they work on ALL UK networks and most around the world at no extra or hidden cost to you. If you require something specific for example Afghanistan then please get in touch with us so we get the right sim for you,

Can I track my Tracker indoors?

The device has restrictions under very extreme conditions. This does not mean that it will not give you a fresh position. Any GPS device has its limitations. If you are inside a room with no windows and a solid concrete roof obtaining a valid GPS position will be difficult. However, the Tracker has a very sensitive GPS receiver which allows the device to obtain a fix very quickly. The Tracker performs to a very high standard and it will give you fresh GPS positions in some buildings.

Can I login to the tracker from the Iphone, IPad or Android devices?

Yes you can. Simply go to the Itunes APP store or the Android Play Store and download for FREE our APP called Trackserver. Its simple and easy to use and all you need to enter is the 6 digit number provided to you by us at the time of purchase. This will then get you  straight into the Tracking device.