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Most frequent questions and answers

IF you have purchased one of our GPS Fleet Vehicle trackers then they simply need connecting to 12-30v DC and approximately 60 seconds later you will see the APP updating with data. If you have purchased an OBD2 GPS Tracker then simply plug this into the OBD2 port and hey presto you are off and running.  

If you have purchased a tool or magnetic GPS Tracker then it may be worth a quick charge as the DPD journey to you will have used some of its charge. 

Then visit and Login to the Live tracking Panel. This is at the top right of the screen. If you are using our APP you can either visit the ITunes App Store (ITunes App Link) or the Android Play store (Android Play Store Link) and search for TrackManager. All you need to do then is ENTER the ACCOUNT NAME, User Name and Password which is provided to you via e mail. 

No, Your device has already been activated you will just have to login to your account with the details provided in your e mail from us. 

Yes, you can view as many devices as you like in your control panel. You can actively see ALL of them on the same Login. Alternatively we can provide separate logins to suit your needs.

Fleet Customers get a lifetime Warranty with their GPS Units.Other Trackers have a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase. If you do have a problem then you must contact us on 0800 804 6170. If we cannot fix the problem and the warranty is valid, then we will dispatch a new unit to you.

We do have specific waterproof GPS units for Fleet Tracking. The Viper is fully Waterproof to IP67. We can also provide specific items for you to submerse them if you wish to do this.

The Tracker will work 24/7 in most countries around the world, please consult our customer services for more information. Our SIm data plans are multi Network sims so they work on ALL UK networks and most around the world at no extra or hidden cost to you. If you require something specific for example Afghanistan then please get in touch with us so we get the right sim for you,

Yes you can. Simply go to the Itunes APP store or the Android Play Store and download for FREE our APP called TrackManager. Its simple and easy to use and all you need to enter the login details provided to you by us at the time of purchase. This will then get you  straight into the Tracking device.