GPS Dog Tracker

GPS Dog Tracker : How They Work

Using a GPS dog tracker is becoming increasingly popular. Dog owners can now track their pets whenever they’re outside their home or back garden. By using a GPS tracker for dogs, you can get back your peace of mind because you’ll know the exact location of your furry friend.

A dog tracker is a device that can help you locate your lost pet BUT there are many on the market that are not clear if they are GPS or Bluetooth. This simply means they are a cheap bluetooth device which is no good to man nor beast, pardon the pun. Bluetooth has a limited range and which in practice is about 50 to 100M. 

Wherever you live when taking your dog for a walk can often be stressful if your dog is prone to running away. Your dog can easily get distracted and run off to explore. That’s why we now have dog trackers that let you keep an eye on your dog from your smartphone. Our GPS Dog Trackers are FULLY GPS Dog Tracker Units and have no limit to distance. How they work is simple to use but here I intend to try to help you understand how we can control and setup with Dog Tracker before it gets to you so that you make the most of the battery life and its GPS. 

Here is the Techie part and potentially boring part but its worth understanding how we do it…

The question always asked of our GPS Dog Trackers is “How long does the battery last?” This is a really hard one to answer as we don’t know how often you walk the dog and for how long. Is it a 10 minute walk or a 3 hour walk?

To maximise the battery life we have made some fundamental adjustments which benefit you. This is EXACTLY how the GPS Dog Tracker works. So the Dog Tracker is fully charged and you take it OFF CHARGE and place it on the collar of the dog to go for a walk. While the dog is waiting for you he lays down… I know I know… They are too excited but this is just for the benefit of explaining this. 

If he stays still for 10 seconds the Dog Tracker will GO TO SLEEP and stop sending data therefore NOT using much battery at all. We have then set a TIME DELAY to the MOTION SENSOR so this means that if the dog shakes his head or moved around for LESS THAN 30 SECONDS the GPS Dog Tracker will not turn on and start sending data. So if the dog is just getting comfortable then it wont send any data or use battery. IF the dog moves around at all MORE THAN 30 seconds then the Dog Tracker will start looking for GPS location information to send directly to our APP. 

Now you are on a walk……. Your dog is running around the the GPS Dog Tracker sends its location every 30 seconds as standard. Your dog decides he wants to go and explore the woods and runs off. Normally you would be in a panic. We know this as we have a little “Ralphie” that likes to just run off and explore more than he is allowed. 

All you need to do it look on the APP and you will see them every 30 seconds. As we know sometimes they get lost and sometimes they come back. However you can orientate yourself in the app and go and get them. 

We also have a secret weapon….. The GPS Dog Tracker has a sounder inside and from the APP you can send a command to start the sounder for 30 seconds. This isn’t so loud that it would scare them but enough to help you locate them.

Getting the best "Bang for your Buck"

Each of our GPS Dog Trackers comes fully enabled for EVERY network in the UK and in most countries. This means that if EE is better in your area then the unit will automatically select that network. 

Each device comes with 50 command credits. So when you want to send a command to the GPS Dog Tracker to turn on the siren it takes a credit and this is effectively an SMS sending from our control platform to the  Dog Tracker to say “turn on the sounder for 30 seconds please”. You can always purchase more from us if needed. they are £10 + VAT for 100 credits.

In the APP (Trackserver)  you will see EMERGENCY TRACKING.. This is exactly what it’s for… Lost the dog and 30 seconds is TOO LONG between GPS reports. It will turn into 5 second tracking mode for 1 minute and then revert back to 30 seconds. 

Dog Tracker

Why buy a GPS Dog Tracker from us?

This is easy… We are specialists in GPS Tracking so we just wont use any old GPS units to try and save a few pounds. What we are giving you is an amazing unit and it only weighs 48 grams. We are also on hand to help you understand the system. We are an established company with years of experience and provide excellent customer service. 

The GPS Dog Trackers comes all ready to use and there is NO SETUP. Open the box, download our App Called TRACKSERVER, charge if needed and Walkies……


Nothing we do is hidden. Inside the GPS Dog Tracker is a sim card. This is used to send data to and from the unit and comes at a cost. We are only charging £4.16 + VAT (£4.99) per month Direct debit. 

There is no contract period so you can cancel when you like. 

We have a SPECIAL PURCHASE PRICE OFFER  right now so don’t miss it. 

We started selling these units due to our little “Ralphie” running off and giving me a scare. I was always thinking of how I tell the kids I’ve lost the dog.