GPS Tracker for your bike

A GPS Tracker for your bike can protect you from theft by keeping track of your bike. Figures show that 19% of bike thefts occur within the first six months of the bike being purchased, so don’t take any risks. Several national reports reveal that thousands of bikes are stolen every day in the UK alone.  A stolen bike not only takes 100’s of pounds out of your pocket but also leaves you without a transit means, and eventually turns into costing you more money to get to work.

Protect your bike from theft

Bike thieves tend to be crafty and determined individuals, and can still steal your bike even if you lock it up. They have several ways of cutting, hammering, hacking and interfering through your line of protection. Usually, the chances of you recover the bike are fewer, and you may not see it again unless the police recover it.

Track your bike with GPS tracking

Since you don’t want to lose your bike over thefts; you would like to protect your bike from every possible situation. The GPS tracker for your bike from I Track Direct gives you a strong line of protection for your bike. It is still recommended to lock your bike along with installing the GPS tracker device to your bike.

With such an amazing device, you get a means to recover it in hours in case if a theft happens. As the name suggests, the GPS tracker for your bike is built into the seat. Generally, such devices are wrenched to ensure security and so, cannot remove easily. Using the bike seat GPS tracker is very easy, and all you need to do is to activate it when you leave the bike using your smartphone.

Bespoke bike GPS tracking solutions

Our GPS Bike Seat Tracker is unique to us and they are built to order. Cycles and in particular Mountain Bike thefts are on the increase Month on Month. This bike seat has a covert Charge Magnetic Point and will last up to 15 days in LIVE Tracking without power.

Bikes are not often used like vehicles so this will normally be extended. The Tracker Arrives in Park Mode so this again will extend the battery life. Just use the bike as normal and each journey is Tracked LIVE. You can use the APP or Desktop login to see the data. IF/WHEN its stolen you simply login and you are on your way to recovering the bike.

Product Features

Up TO 15 Days  Battery Life (Depending on Reporting Periods without any power)

✓ Up to 1 year Battery life in Eco Mode

✓ Memory Foam Seat

✓ 140x260mm  349g

✓ FREE APP for smartphones

✓ FREE Delivery (Monday to Friday (order before 12pm))

✓ 2 Day Dispatch – Bespoke Build

✓ £8.50 Inc. VAT per month DIRECT DEBIT (unlimited Tracking)

✓ The Tracker will arrive in PARK MODE

✓ Zone and Motion Alerts directly to your phone via Push Alerts or Email

✓ Low Battery Alerts

✓ Protecting your property using GPS Tracking which is covertly installed