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GPS Trackers

LIVE GPS Trackers for locating Vans, Cars and more.

Our Easy to use but comprehensive Tracking Platform allows all of our GPS Trackers to provide you with the level of increased vehicle security you need. Using GPS Trackers especially Vehicle Trackers helps improve cost efficiency. 

Whether you are an individual or a business we have the GPS Software to support you. If you are wanting to save costs by improving your routing or protect your drivers from malicious allegations of poor driving we can help you. 

Just give us a call if you are not sure which one you need on 01622 234510

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GPS Trackers Geo Fence

Geo Fence Zones and Alerting

Our Tracking Platform allows you to set Geo Fence Zones (A Virtual Zone) to be notified when a particular Vehicle is leaving a Zone you have specified. This is ideal when needing to speak to a driver or work out arrival times of your cargo on board. 

These Geo Fences can also be used for triggering Tacho Downloads direct to the cloud. 

You can either receive an instant PUSH ALERT to your phone, pop on on screen, E mail or SMS alert. 

Some of our GPS Trackers


Car Trackers

Thatcham Approved S7 Tracker

Insurance Approved Trackers

Motorhome Tracker GPS 521

Motorhome Trackers

GPS Fleet Tracker

Fleet Trackers

Trailer Tracker GPS 521

Asset Trackers

Dash Camera with GPS

Car Dash Cameras

Motorbike Tracker

Motorbike Trackers

Van Tracker

Van Trackers

gps trackers vehicle analytics

GPS and Driver Analytics

We use all of the data from the GPS Tracker to provide with with detailed driver behaviour reports including data such as Harsh Braking, Harsh Acceleration, Excessive Idle Times and Speed Monitoring. This information along with LIVE GPS positions can be accesses at the click of one button. This can also easily be generated into details reports. 

Driver Identification

Using our I button Technology to differentiate between drivers is a customised way to identify who was driving and when. This was you are able to analyse specific drivers behaviour across all vehicles in your fleet.

This can also be wired so that the vehicle is immobilised until the driver touches his or her tag to the ready in the vehicle. You can also for accounting purposes use separate tags for Private or Business Mileage. 


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gps trackers mulit network sim

All Network Sim Coverage

Covering National and International data by using Multi Network Sim Cards is the best way to stay ahead of any Network Issues. Our GPS Trackers will identify the strongest data network and use this to transmit the data to our secure servers. 

We have Global Coverage for all your export / import requirements. 


Mobile, Tablet or Desktop

Our App TrackManager will allow you to view from your Smart Phone or Tablet 24/7 365. This can be downloaded from the App Store or PlayStore.

Push alerts are controlled from within our App and can be easily adjusted to your needs. You can even see LIVE Dash Cam footage direct to your phone with LIVE GPS Tracker data. 

We can logo your vehicles specific to your companies requirements. 

gps trackers mobile tablet or desktop

Instant Movement Alerts

Get an instant notification as soon as your vehicle moves. This means that you'll be able to respond instantly to prevent theft of your vehicle.

Easy To Use

It is possible to keep track of your assets on multiple devices. All of your devices can be tracked with a tracking app on your phone or device.

Amazing Battery Life

Our vehicle trackers have the longest battery life in the industry along with 5 minute location updates.

No contracts

30 day full money back guarantee or cancel within 30 days for a full refund. There are no hidden fees.

Real Time Tracking

Our vehicle tracking devices have the ability to provide real-time location reports.

Easy installation

Some also simply plug the car charger into the vehicle's on-board diagnostics port, or wire it in and you are good to go.