What is GPS Tracking For Taxis?

GPS tracking for taxis is very common in many taxi fleet companies and private hire self-employed drivers. GPS tracking units are precise and reliable, making them an essential tool for taxi fleet management and security.

While tracking devices are like in-car navigation systems, there are a few key differences.

GPS navigation systems such as a sat nav show drivers their location on a digital map and then provide driving instructions to get to a designated point.

GPS trackers use GPS technology to track a vehicle’s current location and trip history. The GPS data is then transmitted to a computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

Why Use Taxi GPS System?

Installing a taxi GPS tracker is a great way to keep track of your taxi fleet and ensure that your taxis are always where they are supposed to be. GPS tracking provides real-time location data for each taxi, so you can see exactly where they are at all times. A GPS tracker is an essential part of any taxi or cab business, and can help you keep your drivers safe and your business running smoothly.

GPS Tracking For Taxis
GPS Tracking For Taxis

Advantages of Utilising GPS tracking for taxis?

The advantages of using a car GPS tracker management system depend upon the requirements of each company. Perhaps the most obvious is that it allows businesses to keep track of their vehicles at all times, using GPS technology. This can be a significant advantage in terms of fleet management and productivity, as businesses can see exactly where their taxis are at any given time.

Utilising GPS tracking for taxis is a great way to monitor drivers’ performance and ensure that they are not speeding and putting valuable customers lives at risk. GPS tracking for taxis can help improve customer service, such as, businesses can see how long it is taking drivers to reach their destination and can provide estimated arrival times to customers.

Why is GPS Vehicle Tracking is Important?

GPS tracking for taxis is important for many reasons. It can help keep your company’s reputation safe, improve your commitment to passengers and clients, and make your work more efficiently.

Here are some of the key reasons you should use GPS tracking:


GPS tracking can improve safety for both your employees and your clients. By being able to track vehicles, you will know their location at all times. This information can help you respond to emergencies quickly and efficiently. In addition, you can monitor your drivers behaviors and run reports to check for speeding, harsh braking and idling.

Improved Customer Service

GPS tracking for taxis can help improve your customer service. If your customers ask for an ETA (estimated time of arrival), you can provide them with up to date live information when their driver will arrive at their location. This will help build trust and loyalty between you and your customers.

Increased Efficiency

GPS tracking can also help increase the efficiency of your business. By being able to track vehicles, you will know where they are at all times. This information can help you plan routes more efficiently and avoid traffic jams. In addition, it can also help you determine which drivers are taking the most efficient routes. This will allow you to save time and money by not having to dispatch a driver to a location that is not on their route.

What are the benefits of a GPS tracker?

With our popular car tracker, taxi companies can run reports such as checking the driver’s behavior to ensure the taxi is being driven correctly to prevent repair costs and general wear and tear of the vehicles overall maintenance. Also, taxi companies can check if the driver is leaving the engine running when parked up waiting for their next passenger. This can help reduce fuel costs..

What level of support do you get from I Track Direct?

At I Track Direct, we are passionate about providing the highest standard of customer service. We offer remote desktop support and training sessions to ensure your taxi business benefits from the many features provided within our GPS vehicle tracking system.

To get started, simply contact us and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.