personal gps trackers

How do personal GPS trackers work?

GPS technology has quickly become an integral part of our daily lives. We use them to navigate, track assets, and even track children and loved ones.

Whether you’re looking to improve the security of your business assets or seek the peace of mind at home, a GPS tracker can be the right solution for you.


The most basic function of a GPS is to listen to GPS satellite signals and report their location through the cellular network. Each GPS tracker is equipped with a small satellite antenna and radio to listen to location data. The job of the tracker is to report this data on the cellular network.

When this location information is reported, your mobile phone or computer displays the most recent location. The entire transaction of gathering location data, connecting to a cell tower, and reporting to our server takes only seconds to transmit.

The signal is another important factor in GPS functionality. The tracker must be able to communicate with the GPS satellites and cellular towers that create the network.

Different types of interference can affect this. For example, be surrounded by metal, mountainous terrain, heavy vegetation, buildings, or be underground.

GPS uses multiple signals to multiple satellites to calculate their coordinates, and then the software and applications translate those coordinates into directions.

The more you are able to speak with a GPS tracker, the more accurate the GPS tracker will be when you report its position. All of these factors are one of the reasons GPS trackers can sometimes be outside when they report their location. However, these devices still work phenomenally in a small margin of error.

The main thing is that GPS trackers are usually accurate at about 3 meters because they have a signal for satellites and cell towers.

GPS trackers can be used to track assets such as vehicles, trailers, equipment, machines, packages, and more, adding an extra layer of safety against loss or theft.

They can also be used to coordinate vehicle fleets, keep track of their route, and where they come from.

Another common use is to follow children, loved ones, or yourself, to bring peace of mind when you are away from home.

In general, GPS trackers have a number of important applications, and we are likely to see them increasingly used as technological advances.