fleet tracking control centre

Understanding Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking devices work exactly the same as vehicle GPS trackers. They provide the ability to check on the exact position of your fleet of vehicles individually or as a whole picture on the map.  Displaying information on each vehicle allowing supervisors and managers to make informed decisions about drivers, the traffic and their destinations.

Most companies now make excellent use of using fleet tracking ensuring they deliver focused customer service by using fleet tracking. GPS Tracking is a fast growing industry with price being the main driver if a company decides to pursue the use of GPS Tracking for their company, When assessed properly it is a no brainer. Investing in this technology is quite straight forward as long as some hurdles are avoided.

Hurdles in GPS Fleet Tracking

What some companies don’t tell you is that they cut costs and use old mapping software which is extremely out of date with some not even showing motorways built or developed in the last 10 years. Customer service from the GPS Tracking supplier is essential. There will always be training issues or LIVE GPS tracking question.

You do not want to be calling abroad and having a huge language barrier when trying to resolve an issue. We have all been there with some larger companies. Here at I Track Direct,  Yes we have opening times but out of hours emergencies are dealt with using our call divert. This is not a call centre it’s a senior member of the team who will answer the phone or get back to you.

Some companies also use single network Tracking. We simply don’t. Our Fleet Tracking Devices all use multi network data sims and roam all networks within and outside of the UK. An example of this….  A driver is using the M4 Motorway, as they get towards Bristol the EE network has some issues. Our Fleet Tracking system will automatically switch to the next best available network ensuring you have the best service we can offer.

What software do we use for Fleet Tracking?

We use our own software Platform which does not require any sort of plug in or support to load. You simply login from our website and enter your account details. The Fleet manager will be able to have a zoomed-out view of all of the Fleet Tracking Devices within your fleet and then drill down into what information they need from our platform. This information is at the click of a button and provided in seconds. Reports can also be produced in a matter of seconds especially for record keeping of hazardous substance transportation.

The fact that you are always only one click away from vehicle information has a great impact on productivity of the fleet and the business. If they know that the vehicle is being tracked, they are more likely to work with care and diligence. No unnecessary stops or extra-long breaks. The Fleet Tracking software will also find easy and less congested routes saving more time and ultimately money for the business.

Some benefits to using fleet tracking and the information you can use

  • Over speed alerts for specific vehicles. i.e. HGV speed alert direct to the fleet manager.
  • Being ale to record and review the mileage for the vehicle. This can be compared to the fuel usage of the vehicle.
  • The recording of stop sessions can maintain an overview of the driver’s hours.
  • Out of hours unauthorised use alerts.
  • Alerts when the vehicle is in range of a delivery location. This assists when a call can be out the receiving staff on standby when time critical deliveries are in progress.
  • Counter acting Speeding fines or ANPR generated fines.

This is only a few on the true benefits of using Fleet Tracking with I Track Direct. Please take a look at our Fleet Tracking Devices and don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements. The united states has been the driving force behind their use for years. You can see some of their industry uses here