How it works

What it does step by step!

  1 – Open the box

  2 – Turn it on hold 5s

  3 – Starting

4 -Go To

 5 – See your ITrack 2 LIVE!

6 -Panic button “SOS”


The ITrack 2 GPS Tracker is one of the worlds smallest GPS tracking devices on the market. It encompasses NEW GPS technology and maximises on customer control and functional flexibility.

It has been designed to work in various applications such as:-

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Motor home Tracking
  • Laptop Computer Tracking
  • People Tracking
  • luggage Tracking
  • Motorcycle Tracking
  • Elderly Persons
  • Vulnerable Persons
  • Plant Equipment
  • Pet Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Fleet Management

and more……

Easy to use:

It works straight out of the box and has an integral battery and lasts up to 15 days depending on how frequently you wish the device to report its GPS position. You can see the tracker moving in live time on your screen. You choose how often your device leaves a GPS position on the screen and this can vary from every 10 Seconds to every 1 Hour.

Depending on how frequent you set the GPS positions will depend on how often you need to top up your GPS position credits. Every time you send a command to the device this is the cost of an SMS Credit. Every Device comes with 10 FREE SMS credits and 100 GPS positions to get you Tracking.

You can set alerts to your mobile phone, set secure zones, view location history reports and change the settings at a click of a button.

This lightweight GPS tracker is fitted with a SOS panic button. You press the button for 4 seconds and it will alert all the mobile phones you have set it to report to. It sends your location via SMS and also includes a smart link for Smart phones. It will also send a notification to a computer or laptop. There are many uses for this panic function such as lone workers, hill walkers, vulnerable people and many more……

There is also a range of accessories available for the GPS tracker including hard wire car kits, pouches and magnetic boxes.

The battery life on this small and powerful device is second to none. This is now available to the general public and businesses. This device is really that good.