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Insurance Approved Vehicle Trackers

We are the #1 when it comes to Thatcham insurance Approved Trackers

With the rise in car theft, it is becoming more and more common for car insurance companies to require that you install Insurance Approved Vehicle Trackers.

If you own an expensive vehicle, you probably know that Thatcham is a well-known manufacturer of vehicle tracking devices, but how do you know which one is best for you?

It is highly recommended that you choose an S7 or S5 insurance approved Thatcham Tracker. This is generally specified by your insurance company insisting on its fitting.

Just give us a call if you are not sure which one you need on: 01622 234510

Our Recommended Insurance Approved Vehicle Trackers

Thatcham Approved s7 Tracker

S7 Insurance Approved Tracker

£329.00 £179.99 inc VAT
s5 Tracker

S5 Insurance Approved Tracker

£449 £329.99 inc VAT

s5 Tracker Plus

S5 Plus Insurance Approved Tracker

£499 £449.99 inc VAT

S7 Tracker Includes 12 Months Subscription

S7 Insurance Approved Tracker

£399.00 £293.99 inc VAT
S5 Tracker With Subscription

S5 Insurance Approved Tracker

£599.99 £455.99 inc VAT

S5 Tracker Plus With Subscription

S5 Plus Insurance Approved Tracker

£699.00 £575.99 inc VAT
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Frequently Asked Questions

In simple terms it’s the ability to have a call centre alerted when the vehicle moves without permission (S7 – Tow Away) or Drives without Driver Tag Present (S5) – Starting Attempted without Driver Tag Present (S5 Plus)

An S7 Insurance Approved Tracker is a GPS Tracking device tested and inspected by Thatcham. If Installed by an approved Engineer then the insurance company are happy that there is a better chance of vehicle recovery there reducing insurance claims. The GPS Tracker is monitored by the supplier and they will assist the police 24 hours a day to get it back. If your vehicle is towed away without the vehicle being started the support team are notified and in due course the police.

An S5 Insurance Approved Tracker allow you all the functions of the S7 Insurance Approved Tracker but with the addition of a driver ID Tag. If the vehicle is stated and the driver Tag is not present then the monitoring centre is alerted to commence the recovery process.

An S5 PLUS Insurance Approved Tracker allow you all the functions of the S5 Insurance Approved Tracker but with the added vehicle immobilisation. The vehicle will not start without the ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) Tag being present at the point of starting the vehicle. 

With ALL 3 levels of GPS Tracking security systems you still have the GPS Tracking App top allow live viewing on the GPS Tracking.

Insurance companies make an assessment of your vehicle compares to theft statistics and the replacement value of your vehicle. If it falls into what they consider to be HIGH risk then they will insist on a particular level of Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracker such as an s5 Tracker plus. This will not allow the vehicle to be started without the DRIVER ID TAG being inside the vehicle.  

There are a few makes on insurance approved Trackers to choose from and ours are accepted by every insurance company in the UK. 

Car tracking devices that are approved by your insurance company are certified and tested by Thatcham. 

A major benefit of having fitted an insurance approved tracker, is it normally results in Up to 20% cost reduction on your insurance premium. Because your vehicle has a lower risk, you will usually end up with better deals on your insurance premiums.

Insurance Approved Trackers are extremely effective in the event of an emergency such as theft. They have features that can be used to quickly recover the vehicle. Our recommended Thatcham insurance approved vehicle trackers are monitored by a control centre 24/7. You can also access your vehicle via a mobile app to see the location of your vehicle.

Some insurance companies no longer just offer car and vehicle trackers as an optional extra. In fact, some companies will now insist you to have a tracker when you apply for your policy.

It’s no surprise that the best insurance approved trackers are those tested and approved by the independent organisation Thatcham. They’re the industry standard when it comes to ‘aftermarket’ vehicle systems.

Founded in 1969 by British Insurers, Thatcham has been independently testing vehicle security products since the 1990s.

It’s becoming increasingly popular that your insurance company require you have a GPS insurance approved tracker installed in order to receive a reduced insurance quotation or even be approved for vehicle insurance!

If your insurance company has requested for you to have a vehicle GPS tracking device installed, this is normally beacuse your vehicle is within a high risk category for theft. 

The higher the car’s value, the more appealing it is to criminals. Below are the top ten most targeted makes and models.

There’s a strong chance if you have installed an insurance-approved GPS vehicle tracker,  it will lead to a reduction of the overall cost of your insurance policy.

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your insurance premiums, look no further than the Scorpion Range of Insurance Approved Trackers. These tracking devices are designed and tested to meet the latest insurance requirements, so you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure.

Insurance providers will most likely reward motorists who are aware about the importance of the security of their vehicle.

However, due to a high rise in vehicle theft and how effective insurance approved vehicle tracking devices are at securing your vehicle, most insurance companies wont insure a vehicle for theft unless a GPS vehicle tracking device has been installed or they will give you 7 days from the insurance start to have one installed. 

Monitored Thatcham-approved vehicle trackers are among the best vehicle tracking devices which are recommended by most insurance companies. 

Most insurance companies will recommend a Thatcham category GPS tracker.

It is highly recommended that you choose an S7 or S5 insurance approved Thatcham Tracker. This is generally specified by your insurance company insisting on its fitting. 

The main difference is that with an S5 Insurance approved tracker, a driver ID tag must be with the vehicle when it is started. If the theft is confirmed, an alert is sent to the monitoring team so that the recovery process can begin.

If you’re not sure which insurance approved tracker you need, give us a call on 01622 234510.

We take pride in only working with trackers suppliers that offer the highest levels of performance, technology, and reliability.

The cost of a car tracker varies depending on its specifications. But costs can start from as little as £30 for a non insurance approved vehicle tracker or up to £449.99 for an insurance approved vehicle tracker.

The cheapest Insurance Approved vehicle Tracker is right HERE at a current special offer price. 

As well as the initial price of buying a vehicle tracker, you may also need to pay for the labour of the tracker being installed. There is also a monthly or annual charge on top so you can monitor your vehicle via an app or a computer.

There are many benefits of having a vehicle tracker installed. Click here to read about the benefits of insurance approved vehicle trackers

Insurance Approved Vehicle Trackers

Insurance Approved Vehicle Trackers are often requested by your insurance company for HIGH RISK vehicles. 

Geofence Alerts

Set geofence locations to get in-app alerts or generate reports when vehicles enter and exit these locations.

Driver Behaviour

Provides driving style data to help reduce your motoring costs (fuel, wear and tear) and increase safety. This data is not shared with any third party.

Journey History

Generate latest and historical journey reports.


Avoid false theft alerts by setting Transport Mode when travelling by ferry or Garage Mode when your vehicle is being serviced. Modes can be set via the mobile app.

Real Time Tracking

Customisable graphs and charts of journey related data.

Easy installation

Simply plug the car charger into the vehicle's on-board diagnostics port, or wire it in and you are good to go.