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Using a Motorhome GPS Tracker

Motorhome Theft on The Rise In The UK
Looking at the specific figures of motorhome thefts in the UK alone there has been a reported rise of 30% in the last 12 months. Over £4 Million pounds worth of motorhomes have been recovered using Motorhome GPS trackers or some design. These facts are reported and updated by NaVCIS
However, thousands are not recovered. We have specific experience of this and have been working with owners to protect their motorhomes from this event.

What? Where? Why? How?

What is being stolen?
Again, looking at figures generally the motorhomes worth over £30,000 as the re sale value is high and they can sell the motorhome for cash. We don’t really see the motorhomes over £85k stolen that frequently.
Where are they being stolen?
The most common area is hard to identify as this is affecting the whole of the UK. We have seen an increase North of the West Midlands. The most common style of theft is directly from the driveway. We have seen some inventive ways including taking it for a “Test Drive” and the owners not going and guess what? It never comes back.
Why? How?
The cash re sale value is still high and there is particular group of individuals who just don’t care if its stolen and are happy to make a specific order to have one stolen. There are even organised gangs of people outside of the UK who steal to order. They are easy to steal and don’t tend to have and serious theft barriers to the ignition access.

Combating Motorhome theft using a Motorhome GPS Tracker

You have to be sneaky. If you think buying a tracker and simply fitting it will work then think again. Find a place that isn’t next to the fuses where its easy to fit or find.  Tape the wires out of eyesight. If they do look for them then make sure they are taped up or made to look like other cables doing another job. Set you zones up on our Trackserver APP. Make sure your push settings are setup on your phone. Here is a short video to explain this.
Now, think about the available space within a motorhome. Are there really that many places to hide the Motorhome GPS Tracker? Think a little more tactical. Consider using a Magnetic GPS Tracker.
There are both advantages and disadvantages but the advantages are simple. You will have a much better chance to get the Motorhome back using a magnetic GPS Tracker. All you need to do is simply find a nice little hide away under the vehicle. They are not using torches to look under the vehicles but they are seeking to find trackers within motorhomes. This isn’t a sales pitch for buying a Magnetic Tracker. This is us trying to help you keep what’s yours.
Even if you are an existing customer with one installed. You can simply get a Magnetic Case from us and change the mode of the Tracker to ECO MODE. We can help with all of this.

Why Purchase a  Motorhome GPS Tracker?

In 2018 19 Million Motorhome Trips were taken in the UK. I Track Direct offer a specific Magnetic GPS Motorhome Tracker. We have modified internal settings and they are specific to these types of vehicles. An example being we make sure the GPS connection stays open longer to record its last position and is less sensitive to you rolling over in bed and setting the vibration sensor off.
Here at I Track Direct we offer a solution of motorhome GPS trackers to suit your needs. Our motorhome GPS trackers could also save you money on your insurance. By informing your insurance company you have a self-monitored I Track Direct GPS tracker you could be offered a discounted insurance depending on your insurer.

We offer fantastic prices and 12 months guarantee matched with excellent customer service for any help you need.
The Magnetic Caravan and Motorhome GPS Tracker Viper 6700 is one our best selling Magnetic GPS Trackers.

The Tracker has 2 powerful internal magnets and is fully waterproof to IP67. It has no wires and fits into the palm of your hand. The battery lasts between 2 to 5 months depending on use and mode which we will help you with.
It has early warning alerts to your phone of interference and is state of the art GPS Tracking. The unit can be placed underneath the vehicle and is small enough to be discreet.

Its excellent accuracy provides that perfect peace of mind wherever your tracker may be. If the unit sensors vibrations or begins to move it will respond by sending you a message with the alert type as well as its current location.
The tracker comes set up complete so all you have to do is decide where to put it and your set.

The perfect tracker for your motorhome. If you wish to see all of our trackers visit our shop page or click here.

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