The 6 BEST Motorhome Trackers

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GPS Motorhome Trackers

Motorhome Tracker Wired

Motorhome Tracker Wired

£54.99 £34.99 inc VAT

Motorhome Tracker GPS 521

Motorhome Tracker GPS 521

£99.99 inc VAT

Motorhome-Tracker i7

Motorhome Tracker i7

£245.00 inc VAT

Motorhome Tracker i9

Motorhome Tracker i9

£270.00 inc VAT

Thatcham Approved Tracker S5

S7 Insurance Approved Tracker

£329.00 £199.99 inc VAT

Thatcham Approved Tracker S5

S5 Insurance Approved Tracker

£449 £299.99 inc VAT

GPS Motorhome Trackers

Which Motorhome Tracker is the BEST choice for you? Here's a little advice to get you started....

Choosing which is the BEST Motorhome Tracker for your circumstances can feel a little overwhelming. Let’s start with what we consider the key question.

Has your insurance company asked for an Insurance Approved Motorhome Tracker?

If the answer is YES, then you need to look at either the S5 Insurance Approve Motorhome Tracker or the S7 Motorhome Insurance Approved Tracker. In short, the major difference is the S7 is a monitored Tracking System by a control room to assist if the motorhome is stolen.

The s7 Insurance Approved Motorhome Tracker has Driver ID Tags, so if the vehicle is started without the Driver ID Tag being present then an alert is sent to the control room and you are contacted to see if it’s you driving or it’s been stolen.

If your insurance company has just asked for a Motorhome Tracker and it doesn’t need to be Thatcham or Insurance Approved then this opens further options to consider.

LIVE GPS Tracking for a motorhome Tracker is achieved by having a GPS Tracker wired into the motorhome by a professional. This can be done yourself but always better by a professional.

This LIVE GPS Motorhome Tracker provides live Tracking 247/7/365 and has the ability to look back at all driving history. You can also monitor speeds and driver behaviour from the system. The App will allow remote login for ease of use.

I suppose the next question is …. Why even think about the Motorhome GPS 521, i7 or i9 GPS Units….. The answer is simple, they are NOT wired in to the motorhome so the hiding places are endless.

With a Motorhome GPS 521 Units as described below, it reports its position every 6 hours until stolen, making this the most popular Motorhome Tracker in the industry.

You can also even get a magnetic plate for the base so it can go underneath the Motorhome. Cover it in dirt and the chances of it being found are slim. When it needs charging, it will let you know and you can pop it off and place on the wireless charger included. Then replace it back on your motorhome and you are fully secured once more. 

Do you mind charging your Motorhome Tracker? Let’s say every 12 months?

If the answer is, you don’t mind, then the best option for you is our Motorhome Tracker 521. Why? Well, it gives Great GPS Tracking, and it set to report its GPS position of your Motorhome every 6 hours as standard.

We see typically a battery lasting up to 1 year. The Trailer Tracker GPS 521 Will send you an alert when it needs charging. You simply place it onto a wireless charger pad (supplied) and leave for approximately 6 hours. This obviously depends on how low the battery is within your Motorhome tracker. If you don’t want to charge the device at all, then you should consider either the Motorhome Tracker i7 or the Motorhome Tracker i9. The difference between our i7/i9 model and the Motorhome Tracker 521 in the main is that you CANNOT charge the i7 or i9 as they are FULLY SEALED. 

What’s the difference between the i7 / i9 Motorhome Trackers and the 521 Motorhome Tracker?

The i7 and i9 Trailer Trackers come with a few extra functions. We could really go into technical detail here, but let’s keep this as simple as we can. Each time a Motorhome Tracker reports it position it send the data to our servers and ultimately your App or Desktop login. Then you can see where it is. Lets look at the Motorhome Tracker 521. If this cannot for any reason report or see its location. Then it will waiting until next time. This is like 99% of GPS Trackers BUT the i7 and i9 go a step further. 

If for any reason they can’t see their location they will conduct what is called a GSM location. They use the mobile masts in the area to determine a general location an place this circle upon your map. They will then go back to sleep. THAT’S NOT ALL…… We can turn on the Radio Frequency beacon within the i7/i9 Motorhome Tracker to help the Police locate the Motorhome. For example if the Motorhome is hidden within a metal container then it will always be a challenge to get a GPS signal, not impossible but more difficult. With the Radio Beacon Activated then we can in a block of containers determine which container yours is in. 

There is quite a price difference between the Motorhome Trackers, for example the 521 and the i7 or i9, Why?

This is because of the extra technology and functions within the i7 and i9? The difference between the i7 and i is simple the battery size. So you can have it last longer. Remember though, the i7 and i9 models are sealed so if they last 5 years then that’s it. no charging and they are at the end of their life. Our most popular choice for a Motorhome Tracker is the Motorhome Tracker 521 as you can buy an optional Magnetic plate for the base and this always helps with trailers.   

Still not sure, Just CALL US on 01622 234510 and we can talk you through your options. We are specialist in GPS Tracking so we know our stuff!

Customer Service

Let us help you through the process of choosing the right Motorhome Tracker for you. We have years of experience.

Smart Digital Fencing

A feature called "geofence" will help you track your Motorhome by drawing a border around a specific area. When the Motorhome has moved, it will alert you.


Don't let them win. Don't panic let the technology do the talking.

Getting the Best from your Motorhome Tracker

Geo Fence Zones - Alert you when it has moved.

If your Motorhome is normally left in a secluded place for days on end. You may not even go and check it that often. Well, if you place or we can do it for you a Geo Fenced Zone around your Motorhome then when it has moved and the GPS has reported its left the zone your phone will alert you via our APP. 

Smart Digital Fencing

Are you insured?

Insurance Payouts...

We know from speaking to our customers that getting what your Motorhome was worth from an insurance company is hard work. So make the effort NOW to get a Motorhome Tracker and at least have that piece of mind. 

Where to hide it?

Probably not the best place to discuss this here but you can buy a magnetic plate for the base of the Motorhome Tracker 521. We also have some great ways of hiding these Motorhome Trackers so please call us on  01622 234510 for a little extra help. 

Trailers of all types are more frequently being stolen. 

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