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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, You get LIVE GPS position reports as well as historical data and all driver behaviour reports. They are stored on our server for 12 months. 

The OBD2 Fleet Tracker simply plugs into the vehicles OBD2 port on the vehicle which is normally located around the feet area of the dash board. Clearly not the best Fleet Tracker for theft prevention as this could be unplugged. HOWEVER, If you want a simple Fleet Tracking option then this is ideal as there is no installation cost and if your company changes vehicles all the time then this will save money. 

You can have as many users as you want. Each user has their own password and their access to the system is logged with us and your main Admin user has access to this information. 

Yes we do. This isnt on this page but we can send you prices based on your specific requirements. We do this as we need to know if you want items such as buzzer, flashing receivers etc. There are not huge prices differences but we don’t blanket price everything so you get the best value for money. 

No, At this time there are some real security issues with the use of bluetooth tags with driver ID and vehicle immobilisation. Until this we have a clear way forward we are not using them. 

The system will send you your chosen report automatically and you can choose the frequency of the report. 

Yes, The reports will show the idle times, start and stop times while also running a full driver behaviour report at the same time. 

The calculation of speed is based upon GPS position and hence distance travelled over time taken. This is a complicated algorithm and there may indeed be some discrepancy between devices, as it is a calculated speed, not an actual speed as measured by your road wheels.

In our tests, once multiple satellites have been located the speed is accurate to within 5%. Normally however, vehicle manufacturers always tend to be optimistic in their display of speed.

Yes especially with the HD files, the continuous recording combined with continuous power causes the dash cam to heat up. Our design within the dash cam is set to ensure this heat dissipates as quickly as possible, therefore not causing any damage to the dash cam or SD card.

They are tested to up +50 °C, please note car interiors can exceed this if left in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

You will need the orange security tool left with you at the time of installation. This is a triangle shape small screwdriver. On the side of the dash cam there is a triangular slot allowing a small turn to open it. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE VEHICLE IGNITION IS OFF FOR 30 SECONDS BEFORE REMOVING THE SD CARD. A small press of the SD card will allow the SD card to spring back towards you so that you are able to remove it. When replacing please take note of the way it came out. You can then GENTLY push this into the slot. You will feel some resistance. This is the spring accepting the SD card . It will click into place.