Using our FREE Tracking APP

Simple to use…. FREE APP

You can download our FREE App “Trackserver” from either the App Store or Google Play FREE of charge so you can keep track of your devices while on the move.

This is the home Screen of our FREE App Trackserver. This is where you add the Device ID of the Tracker or Account you have. 

This view will list all of your Trackers in a list format. By Touching the specific tracker it will open the following screen.

This  the main MAP VIEW. By Clicking the Cog Wheel at the top (Settings Tab) it will open the following screen.

In this settings menu you can add CONTACT details and Select what alerts you wish to receive.

Touch the HISTORY Icon circled above and this will allow you to select a date to retrieve the History Data from.

Choose your date and Press OK

This will load a Map View onto your screen of which you can zoom in with your fingers and select a specific Position to find more data.

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