OBD2 Car Tracker


  • Plugs Directly into the Vehicle OBD2 Port and that’s it you are Tracking.
  • Works Straight out of the Box
  • 52.6mm x 29.1mm x 26mm 80g
  • £7.08 + VAT per Month Direct Debit (Data Plan)

  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • PayPal

OBD2 Car Tracker

Our OBD2 Car Tracker is easy to use and simply plugs into the OBD2 port of the vehicle. The unit comes ready to use. Plug it in and you are off and tracking.

These vehicle trackers are ideal for companies or individuals who change vehicles within a fleet regularly, which saves time on any installations.

The OBD2 Car Tracker unit is a tiny unit however, some vehicles have no space for the cover to close so you may wish to also purchase an extension cable that also just plugs in. One end to the OBD2 Car Tracker and the other to the OBD2 Port on the vehicle.

Download our app, enter the account details e-mailed to you and you will then see the LIVE GPS position of the vehicle. This unit not only supplies GPS positions, but also Full Analytics of the Driver Behaviour. It can also link into our Dash Cam LIVE Viewing part of the APP.

If you would like more information on our OBD2 Car Tracker, please click HERE

We also offer Money Back Guarantee and Telephone support via 01622 234510 or 0800 804 6170.

✓ Open the Box, take it out and plug it into the Vehicle OBD2 Port

✓  Login to the Tracking panel with unique Tracker ID supplied by us.

✓  That’s it….. You are Tracking LIVE.

Do you want more advice about the OBD2 Car Tracker?

Please call us on 01622 234510 to chat with one of our experts or click here to send us a message.



✓ 52.6mm x 29.1mm x 26mm

✓ 40mAh Li-ion Battery

✓ 12v-24V DC

✓ 80g

Tracking Modes

Enhanced Tracking Mode

This is the most frequent mode that most people use with our OBD2 Car Tracker. Whist the Unit is moving it will track every 30 seconds and we can increase this to 5 second reporting if you wish.

Many OBD2 Car Trackers only report every 2 minutes as the data owners are trying to save money. Having a 30 second reporting period for the OBD2 Car Tracker is ideal as it keeps the history accurate and if stolen every second counts.

Enhanced Tracking Mode 30 seconds. At all times, the PCB is on. In this mode, when it stops moving for 60 seconds, it will turn off GPS and disconnect the data connection,

The OBD2 Car Tracker is sent to you in 30s LIVE Tracking Mode. If you wish to change this please let us know. We will do this for you.

If you intend to change this frequently you can purchase 100 SMS commands For £10 + VAT which will be added to your access to be able to change the settings on this device. 

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