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Protect your assets with a reliable, multipurpose Live GPS Tracker.

Easy to use tracker control panel

Dual Makita Charger with Embedded GPS Tracking £145 + VAT

Dual Makita Charger with Embedded GPS Tracking

Here is one of our many covert Tracking Options. This charger has an embedded GPS Tracking unit inside.
It will remain undetected and you will not know it’s in there.

Recent and continuing van tools thefts have shown they don’t care what they are stealing and are simply clearing vans of all the tools.
We have undertaken tracking and recovered thousands of pounds worth of tools.
This is not a Gimmick…
This is a top of the range tracking system which is LIVE tracking.
The tracker has its own internal battery which will last and when the charger is used it tops up that battery.

We are offer this at a reduced price for a short period simply to get the units out there to get some tools back.
We offer specific advice for Tracking solutions so please get in touch.
If you don’t want to buy a new charger then send us yours and we will do the rest.
Please get in touch first so we know what’s needed.

Data plans – We will setup a Direct Debit for you form the point of purchase for £8.33 + VAT per month for UNLIMITED GPS Tracking and SMS commands

Here is the link to setup your Direct Debit    Click here to Setup the Direct Debit


£210.00 £174.00