Step 1:

Protect your assets with a reliable, multipurpose Live GPS Tracker.

Easy to use tracker control panel

Magnetic Tracker with up to 6 months Battery (20,800mAh Battery)

Our Magnetic Trackers are the GOLD standard of Magnetic trackers.


On live tracking (set at 10 seconds) the battery will last up to 6 months between charges which make this an extremely popular choice by our clients who wish to deploy this tracker quickly. (Charger supplied)

When placed in “PARK MODE” this battery can last up to 3 years between charges. (Charger supplied)

Each device comes with 100 FREE GPS positions and 10 SMS credits to get you started. However we send this to your door and apply unlimited credits so you can watch it arrive.

Case size INCLUDING MAGNETS 114mm x 98mm x 55mm

The case is Crushproof, dustproof and waterproof. Being under a vehicle isn’t a problem. Attached are 2 x 100KG pull magnets which just won’t fall off. User by private detectives all over the country.

Free user friendly Tracking App for Apple and Android devices.

Free use of our New Upgraded Tracking platform

No sign up contracts for you. We hold all of our own contracts with the networks. There are no hidden charges. You can choose a PAYG option or our unlimited GPS and SMS package.

Multi network sim…. Travel worldwide with no roaming charges. The sim will identify the strongest network and attach to it.

Review the history to the device GPS locations, speed and time at the click of a button. Export this data at the click of a button.

Set Zones for the Tracker where you will be notified by SMS or e mail when it enters or leave a zone. You can set multiple contacts to these zones.

Live Street view feed to the screen when the device is moving.