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Simple tracking

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Please complete the Customer Registration for your product below. We use your details to update you on changes to GPS Login details, passwords, system updates and special offers.

We DO NOT under any circumstances give your details to marketing companies. You can opt out of any contact with us BUT REMEMBER we will not be able to give you notice of any updates or system changes to the system and without your details we cannot discuss your GPS account with you. 

Please make sure you check your spam folder or add our e-mail address to your address book. 

Fitting an FMT100
Simple tracking

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Simple Tracking

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4 Simple Steps to Getting Active with Simple Tracking

(1) Complete the registration form above. 

(2) We will reply register your device on our system, activate it and send you a randomly generated 4 character password

(3)  You then need to fit the GPS Unit using the 2 wires red and black 12/24v DC. You can do this across the battery of the vehicle. 

(4) You then need to click the web login from any smartphone, Ipad, Tablet or Computer. The login link is HERE if you need it

How Simple Tracking Works!

This no frills and inexpensive approach to GPS Tracking is ideal for the customer who just wants to know where it is NOW. As you see when you login you will your Device IMEI number at the top left.

The Last Comm is when the GPS Unit last communicated any data from the device to us. 

The Last GPS is when it last acquired a GPS Signal. So for example the device in the image last reported approximately 16 minutes ago. This means the GPS unit stopped moving at that location 16 minutes ago. 

The Data and GPS will generally stop reporting while the vehicle is stationary. If the vehicle moves the GPS unit will start to transmit and the the map will move as the vehicle locates itself every 30 seconds.

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You will be speaking to one of us and we will be able to assist you. 

We also have nationwide Installers that can come to your home or work and install the unit for you. 

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