Understanding GPS Tracking

Understanding GPS Tracking

Understanding GPS Tracking

We hope this will help you understand how our GPS Tracking and how this will help you choose the right data plan for your Tracking.

GPS….Global Positioning System 

First of all every time the blue light flashes on the tracker it is communicating with the Satellite and updating its position using 1 POSITION and is effectively saying “Here I am!”

Ahhh, we hear you say “how does it communicate?”. In simple terms most of the information is sent via the GSM (i.e.mobile phone network). There will be some geeks out there reading this saying that’s not 100% true. Yes you are right but we are trying to simplify this for the general user who doesn’t need to know about band widths and frequencies. Back to our story.

Inside the Tracker is effectively a small mobile phone and a sim card. This is used to communicate some of the data to our server. so the location information is seen on your APP or computer login.

If we want to change how often we see the GPS reporting then we can SEND IT A MESSAGE. This is simple an SMS command. Pretty much the same as messaging a friend. Although if you send a friend this message AT+GTWMS=G,0,1,10,1,2,,,,,,%MSGID%$  they may get a set of new friends.

Anyway, you dont send this type of message. You just click on the App and send a command to change the reporting time. The SMS is sent from our server to the device using 1 SMS command.

Why are we talking in terms of positions and SMS?

Well, some of you may not want to buy UNLIMITED GPS and SMS and look for a cheaper tracking option. This means we do a PAYG option for you. One of the current packages we provide is 5000 GPS and 30 SMS commands. This is currently at the time of writing £62.50 + VAT

Click here for PAYG 5000 GPS and 30 SMS Commands Pack

This package is valid for 12 months so If you don’t need to see your tracker every 30 seconds and the vehicle or whatever it’s going on isn’t something like a taxi and being used all day everyday then you can choose this option of PAYG and send a command to the tracker to only report every 30 minutes.

What does this mean? Well if the vehicle is moving for 4 hours it will send a location of its POSITION every 30 minutes. If the vehicle stops then it will stop reporting it’s position and not waste your data positions, more importantly If you vehicle was stolen then you can just send a new SMS via the APP on Itunes App Store Link, Play store Play Store Link or computer Desktop Computer or laptop Link and say to report its position every 30 seconds so you can inform the police or recover your property.

You can choose UNLIMITED data and SMS and that is exactly what it says on the tin. 12 months UNLIMITED GPS and SMS. Never worry about positions, just leave it on 30 seconds and sit back and relax.

We hope this helps a few of you understand the Data and what a tracker is and will help you to understand GPS Tracking and how to choose the right data plan for you.