S7 Tracker Includes 12 Months Subscription

Thatcham Approved S7 Tracker Including 12 Months Subscription

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, You get LIVE GPS position reports as well as historical data and all driver behaviour reports. They are stored on our server for 12 months. 

The OBD2 Fleet Tracker simply plugs into the vehicles OBD2 port on the vehicle which is normally located around the feet area of the dash board. Clearly not the best Fleet Tracker for theft prevention as this could be unplugged. HOWEVER, If you want a simple Fleet Tracking option then this is ideal as there is no installation cost and if your company changes vehicles all the time then this will save money. 

You can have as many users as you want. Each user has their own password and their access to the system is logged with us and your main Admin user has access to this information. 

Yes we do. This isnt on this page but we can send you prices based on your specific requirements. We do this as we need to know if you want items such as buzzer, flashing receivers etc. There are not huge prices differences but we don’t blanket price everything so you get the best value for money. 

No, At this time there are some real security issues with the use of bluetooth tags with driver ID and vehicle immobilisation. Until this we have a clear way forward we are not using them. 

The system will send you your chosen report automatically and you can choose the frequency of the report. 

Yes, The reports will show the idle times, start and stop times while also running a full driver behaviour report at the same time. 

Some insurance companies base the risk of theft of the vehicle on previous vehicle statistics. For example some BMW models were one of the highest of the vehicles stolen in 2022. As a result some BMW models now require an Insurance Approved Tracker to be fitted by a Thatcham approved Installer before they will fully insure your motor vehicle.

As a result they will request either an S7 or S5 Insurance Approved Tracker.

In simple terms it’s the ability to have a call centre alerted when the vehicle moves without permission.

An S7 Insurance Approved Tracker is a GPS Tracking device tested and inspected by Thatcham. If Installed by an approved Engineer then the insurance company are happy that there is a better chance of vehicle recovery there reducing insurance claims. The GPS Tracker is monitored by the supplier and they will assist the police 24 hours a day to get it back. If your vehicle is towed away without the vehicle being started the support team are notified and in due course the police.

An S5 Insurance Approved Tracker allow you all the functions of the S7 Insurance Approved Tracker but with the addition of a driver ID Tag. If the vehicle is stated and the driver Tag is not present then the monitoring centre is alerted to commence the recovery process.

With both systems you still have the GPS Tracking App top allow live viewing on the GPS Tracking.

Do you want more advice? Please call 01622 234510 or 0800 804 6170 and we will assist you.