Best GPS van Tracker

Best GPS Van Tracker

At I Track Direct we offer the best GPS van tracker to protect your business and to meet all your  security needs for peace of mind if the worst happens.

Your van is your livelihood and your office all in one.

Most of us take our tools and other valued posessions out of the van but  how do you protect the van itself? Well you can:

  • Install an alarm
  • Attach wheel clamps
  • Fit security posts on your drive or in front of your garage
  • fit a steering wheel lock
  • have the windows etched with your number plate details

However, while these precautions might deter the casual thief unfortunately they will not stop the determined criminals who steal vans  to order.

Shockingly Amazon was blasted for selling a tool that can be used for breaking into transit vans without any damage and which unsurprisingly lead to a big increase in van thefts!

No matter how hard you try to prevent your van from being stolen there is always a possibility this can happen to you.

The good news is there is a soloution: fitting a GPS van tracker. A GPS van tracker is a small but brilliantly simple and highly effective device that is hidden within the van in an undetectable place and which will transmit the van’s whereabouts at any given moment via its GPS/GPRS/VHF Cat 5 or 6 Thatcham accredited features.

No matter how the thief may try to hide the van from view, above or below ground the GPS van tracker will know where it is and no surrounding material whether steel or concrete will prevent its signals reaching the control centre with that information being passed on to the police and to you giving the best possible chance of a speedy recovery.

In many cases, it will likely lead to reduced insurance premiums. We at I Track Direct with many years of experience in providing GPS van trackers throughout the United Kingdom have the best GPS van tracker at a price to suit all budgets.

Isn’t it time to take back control of your property and prevent your valuable asset from being part of the ever mounting statistics of stolen vans?

Contact us today and let us help.

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