You’ll find on this page all the necessary information to get the best out of your GPS Tracker Panel. Different modes are available in order to fit your needs. This can enhance the battery life of your device.

tracker panel

How to use the Flight Mode ?

tracker panel

How to use the Eco Mode ?

Top Bar on the panel

How to use the Log Mode ?

Top right of Our Tracking Panel

Settings – This is where you decide what you want to be alerted for, input your mobile number and e mail for real time alerts. You can name your device, choose the Icon for the screen view. We have produced a video to assist you below or you can click here.

History – This shows you the history of the vehicles location, speed, direction and position at each set interval.

Commands – This is where YOU are able to communicate with the Tracker for Example you may wish to have the unit report every 60 seconds. This is where you send this commands from.

Arm – This arms a motion sensor on the unit so if the unit senses activity then it will send an alert to the recipients in the settings menu contact details.

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We will deal with these in a little more detail below but here is what each tab means to your tracking experience

Settings Tab

Top Bar on the panel

This Settings Tab on Our tracking Panel is one of the most important. This is where you decide how and who is notified and what you would like to be notified about. The 3 contact places are for SMS or e mail alerts. If you click the box for zone you will receive alerts when a unit leaves or enters a zone. Likewise if you choose motion or power you will get these alerts to the same contact details. At the top right you see you are able to edit the name of you GPS Tracker. Don’t forget to Click UPDATE when you finish adding your information.