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Full Advanced Fleet Management

Truck Trackers

Full Advanced WebFleet Management for HGV's

Having the choice and flexibility is key to choosing the right package of Truck Trackers for your company. We offer a simple and effective solution to help you. Whether you have 1 Lorry or 500 we will give you cost effective options which can always be increased or reduce with no tie in penalty. We offer

  • LIVE GPS Tracking inc Full Driver Behaviour analytics.
  • Detailed Report Production.
  • Driver Identification via Driver Buttons
  • Partial or Full DVS (Direct Vision Standards) installation.
  • LIVE view HD video to your login or Smart phones.
  • OTA (Over the Air) Tacho Downloads

If you want just GPS Tracking  – No Problem

If you want the full webfleet management solution from us here – No Problem

Want to change what you need – No Problem. 

Full Truck Tracker Fleet Management

Our Range Of Truck Trackers

Truck Tracker

Truck Tracker GPS

£49.99 £29.99 inc VAT

Driver ID Truck Tracker

Driver ID Truck Tracker

£79.99 £54.99 inc VAT

OBD2 Lorry Tracker

OBD2 Truck Tracker

£69.99 £59.99 inc VAT

Tacho GPS Truck Tracker

Tacho GPS Truck Tracker

£115.00 inc VAT

Integrated Company Software

Advanced WebFleet Management for HGV's

We have the technology to integrate your data within other business solutions such as Amazon or Project 44 to name just two.

Via specific API data we can enable your data to be sent to companies such as amazon so that your mapping is directly accessible by them and not making sensitive company information widely available. 

Software flexibility for GPS Tracking

(Direct Vision Standards)

Truck Trackers with LIVE Video Feeds

DVS is now of major importance when operaitng a fleet especially within the cities. All of our Truck Trackers directly link into live DVS HD image feeds so that there is total control from the company management. 

Recalling incident video files is easy and the Truck Tracker GPS overlay makes it even better, 

Driver Identification

You need to know!

Our Web based Truck Tracking solution will identify each driver as they attempt to start the vehicle. This information is quickly relayed to your screens so you know who is where. This is essential when looking back over reported incidents. 

You can even run driver reports to see which vehicles they have driven and compare their driver behaviour to different vehicles. 

Driver Comparison reports to show good or bad drivers at only a few clicks. 

Driver Identification
Driver Management

Driver and Vehicle Management

Our Fleet Tracking system for Truck Trackers will allow you to manage driver licence checks, Vehicle date or mileage alerts for servicing or repairs notified directly to your phone and e mail. 

The system will even notify your garage of the pending service or reminder making the Transport Managers job even more effective. 

Driver Vehicle Checks APP

Accountability at each step

Each Driver has their own app and login and are able to conduct and record their vehicle checks set by you. This involves identifying issues that are reported directly back into our Truck Tracker system. 

This then allows action to be taken and issues to be resolved quickly. 

Just another excellent way our system helps you manage your fleet. 

Driver Checks App

GPS Truck Trackers

Here are 6 benefits what you get with the Truck Trackers for £7.08 + VAT per month

Full Driver Behaviour Reporting

Full Driver Behaviour Reporting iand Lorry efficiency nc historic data for each vehicle.

LIVE Route Planning

Avoid delays by seeing LIVE Traffic delays or route your vehicles to delivery destinations or who's nearest.


Using a mimumum of 30 seconds GPS Reporting we make your data accurate reflecting in all reports.

No contracts - No Ties

We do not tie you into contracts so changing equipment or levels of service is simple and easy.

Complaint Handling

Who was where and when, Advanced mapping search to identify who was in that area and when.

Easy installation

Self installation or we will send one of our nationwide engineers to install the Truck Tracker at a destination of your choice.