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GPS Van Trackers

Protecting your Van has to be the priority!

Whether you want a simple rapid deployment magnetic Van Trackers or a wired GPS Van Tracker, we have the right of GPS Van Trackers for you.

As a GPS Tracking company we provide a nationwide installation service for Van Trackers or a Self installation model ready to go out of the box. 

Just give us a call if you are not sure which one you need on 01622 234510

Van Trackers Transit Custom

Our Range Of GPS Van Trackers

Van Tracker

Van Tracker

£49.99 £29.99 inc VAT

Waterproof GPS Van Tracker

Waterproof GPS Van Tracker

£54.99 £34.99 inc VAT

OBD2 Van Tracker

OBD2 Van Tracker

£59.99 inc VAT

van tracker and immobiliser

Van Tracker with Immobilser

£49.99 inc VAT

Dash Camera with GPS

Dash Camera with GPS

£299.99 £263.98 inc VAT

GPS Van Trackers

At iTrack Direct we always go the extra mile to bring you comprehensive GPS Van Trackers at an affordable price!

Instant Movement Alerts

Get an instant notification as soon as your Van moves. This means that you'll be able to respond instantly to prevent theft of your Van.

Easy To Use

It is possible to keep track of your assets on multiple devices. All of your devices can be tracked with a tracking app on your phone or device.

Driver Behaviour Reporting

Our van trackers will provide driver specific behaviour and produce reports for driver comparison.

No contracts

30 day full money back guarantee or cancel within 30 days for a full refund. There are no hidden fees.

Real Time Tracking

Our vehicle tracking devices will provide real-time location reports.

Easy installation

Nationwide Installation or Self installation.

Van Trackers - How They Work

GPS Van Trackers have become more popular in recent years.

There’s no doubt about it, Van trackers can be a really useful tool for those who drive on a regular basis.

The Best GPS Van Trackers allow you to transmit data such as position, time, speed, acceleration, braking and speed.

The data captured by a Van Tracker is sent back via satellite to computers where they can be viewed and analysed.

In some cases, the information can be updated from once every 5 seconds to every 60 minutes, depending on how much information you want.

Benefits of GPS Van Trackers

There are a wide range of different benefits a GPS van tracker can provide.

Lower insurance premiums.

The cost of van insurance can be quite expensive, and you should always make sure if installing a Van Tracker that you inform your insurance company as many offer lower premiums. 


There might be a time when your van is taken without your permission.  A van tracker will let you know where the van is in real time.

If you lend your vehicle to a family member, you will have peace of mind that you will always know where they are in case of a breakdown or emergency, and it is not just about theft.

Know where your vehicle is at all times

Save time, money and hassle

Your Van is important to you. It’s a part of your life. It is most likely your personal router to earning your income. Imagine waking up and it being stolen, how do you get to work or even earn money if you are self employed. 

With a Van Tracking system you can set reminders about when the car should be serviced.

With this feature, you can monitor all the trips made by your van, so far.

GPS devices which are used on van’s, record many useful facts, including miles travelled by the vehicle, its average speed, whether it has been stopped for any reason, and engine performance.

Trip History

Theft Recovery

When stolen vans are located with the aid of a tracking device, it should come as no surprise that the owners of those cars get their stolen vans back quickly and efficiently.

After a vehicle is stolen, GPS tracking makes it easier for the police to locate it. This helps to reduce the cost of the loss, reduces insurance expenses, and improves the safety of the public.