Van Tracking 24/7

Why use van tracking 24/7?

Whether you have one van or an entire fleet of van’s, our GPS van trackers can help you to keep on top of your vehicles. The cost of fuel is a huge expense for vans and by keeping track of your costs you can see where you’re losing money and how you can become more efficient.

Your Customers

You can help your customers by giving them live updates on the journey of their products wherever they are in the country. Almost all of our customers reported a 10 – 15% improvement in work productivity for their drivers when our van GPS van tracking systems were introduced.

Who uses GPS Van Tracking 24/7?

We help lots of customers from a wide range of different industries who utilise our GPS van tracking devices to help them keep track of their vehicles across the country. Our company GPS van trackers are perfect for any business wanting to oversee and manage their entire company fleet.

Two of our most common customer types using trackers for vans include:

Site-based services: From plumbers,  builders to electricians, GPS van trackers are perfect for any business who employs individual contractors. Any business who charge their customers by the hour and work remotely will benefit from GPS van tracking systems.

Delivery services: Our GPS van tracker is ideal for all types of delivery services. Keep track of drivers en route, check for extended stops and document your drivers’ efficiency and safety.

Benefits of GPS van tracking 24/7.

GPS Van tracking is used daily to help provide real-time fleet management without the stress or burden of extra paperwork. To ensure that businesses in the U.K are getting the best from our van trackers we provide unlimited bespoke help and support to all of our customers across the U.K.

I Track Direct are one of the leading vehicle tracking companies in the United Kingdom and are totally focused on providing outstanding customer service levels. As well as this, we’re one of the few van tracking companies to provide such a wide variety of features such as:

  • Automated reports: Our van tracking software allows businesses to automatically sift through the data, analyse it and generate a professionally presented report. Users can generate reports on fuel usage, out of office usage, speeding, vehicle location and even when each van in the fleet is next needing a service check.
  • Email alert system: Combined with our reporting is an innovative email alert system. Alerts can be set up and will proactively tell you if a van is in use outside of office hours or if a driver has exceeded the speed limit for example.
  • GPS Coverage: All of our van trackers come with the functionality to use a SIM card so vans can be tracked regardless of signal
  • Expert installation: Covered in your costs is the installation of the tracker into your van or vans. Our customer service team will arrange a time convenient to you and install the tracker at your preferred location as to not cause any disruption to your day-to-day operations.

It’s not often you find a single product that improves your business in so many ways. The bottom line is that I track Directs GPS tracking systems for vans and fleets helps you save money and increase income. We will develop an effective GPS van tracking 24/7 solutions specifically for your needs and budget.

From one vehicle to 100, businesses of all sizes get immediate information for on-the-fly decision-making that stops problems before they start and gives you more mileage and better utilization from your existing vehicles. Your employees like it because fleet tracking streamlines their work and, even better, your customers love it because GPS tracking means you can better serve them.

If you are ready to buy or just starting to learn more, you owe it to yourself and your business to discover the many ways a GPS Van Tracking 24/7  systems for your van can make your business better.