Van Tracking

Van Tracking

The I Track GPS van tracking system uses innovative van tracking technology to ensure your business vans stays safe on the road and in control of there whereabouts.

Why use van tracking?

Whether you have just one van or an entire fleet of vans, our van tracking systems helps you to keep on top of your vehicles. The cost of fuel is a huge expense for vans and by keeping track of costs you can see where you’re losing money and how you can become more efficient.

You can have the relevant information available to update your clients on thestatus of their products wherever they are in the country. Almost all of our customers who use our GPS vehicle trackers for van tracking reported a 15 – 25% improvement in productivity for drivers when our van tracking GPS tracking systems were installed in there vehicles.

So Who uses van tracking?

We help many customers, from many different businesses, who use our van tracking systems to keep track of there vehicles nationwide. Our company van trackers are perfect for any business wanting to oversee and manage their business fleet.

Two of the most common business types using trackers for vans include:

Site based services: From builders, to gas engineers and parcel delivery drivers, our van trackers are perfect for any business who employs individual contractors. Any business who charge customers by the hour and work remotely will benefit from gps van tracking.

Delivery services: Our van tracker is ideal for delivery services. Keep track of drivers en route, check for extended stops and document your drivers’ efficiency.

What are the advantages of using van tracking for your business?

Our easy to use control panel automated reports, so you don’t have to spend time pulling together data for all of your vehicles. Everything is presented in an easy-to-read visual format with options for weekly, monthly and annual timelines. View reports on everything from fuel usage to your employee’s weekly routes.

E-mail alerts

Receive custome email notifications. Choose the best options that’s most convenient for you, from ignition alarms to help you track your employee’s usage and also notifications to see if your employees are driving to erratic.


We offer roaming sim cards as standard to any of our customers who work in rural or low signal areas. That way you always have the best signal.

Why choose I Track Direct for your van tracking solution.


We are totally dedicated to provide a first class customer experience.We will always be available to answer any questions or help with technical issues if any did occur.

Know where your drivers are with our van tracking devices and allocate jobs. Use reports and timesheets for accurate working hours to save time.

Van Tracking FAQs

As one of the longest serving vehicle tracking & monitoring companies in the UK, we have the answers to most questions from our customers. To help you better understand who we are and how our GPS van tracking devices work we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you are looking for simply give us a call on 0800 804 6170.  We are more than happy to help with any questions you have.

What is a van tracker?

Our specialised van trackers are a small compact GPS vehicle monitoring sytems that are installed into your van to allow your business to actively monitor where your vehicles are at all times..

Our van tracking systems uses the latest technology to monitor the geo-location of your van, but also generate reports regarding out-of-hours usage, ignition alerts and driver speeding.

What van tracking software do you use?

We have use state of the art van tracking software for our van trackers. You can either use our dedicated mobile app which is available on the app store for android devices and iphones.

How do you install your van trackers?

Our van tracking devices are installed behind the dashboard, under seating or sometimes within the boot of your van. At just 130 grams and 79mm x 43mm x 12mm small, our van trackers are discreet, light-weight and secure.


Q. Once the van tracker is installed, can I move it to another van?

A. If you would like to move your GPS van tracker between vans  in your fleet all you need to do is give us a call and we can arrange for an engineer to refit the device or help you with our free tutorial videos..

Q. Can I use the GPS van tracker for Fleet Management?

A. Yes. Our GPS van tracker is perfect for monitoring and measuring the performance of your fleet vehicles, not just vans. Our mobile app and web browser software includes valuable features such as monitoring out-of-hours use by employees, speeding alerts and most importantly giving you peace of mind where your van is at all times.

Q. How much do our van trackers cost?

A. The cost of our vehicle tracking system is dependent on the number of devices you’re looking to purchase. The best way to get the best deal for your business is to contact us directly to receive an instant van tracking quotation.

Can I try a van tracker before I buy?

There are a number of ways to experience the full power and benefit of our van tracking systems. You can request a demo online where a member of our team will screen-share our customer portal so you can see the software being used with real-time data. Alternatively, you can request to receive a completely no-obligation free trial of one or two of our units to be installed so you can use and experience the van tracker itself on your vehicles.