vehicle tracking system

These days, transportation businesses in the UK such as rental cab companies, logistic companies, and tour operators need an efficient tracking system to track their fleet of vehicles in real time. This vehicle tracking system must be simple-to-use so that the user can monitor everything from a desktop or a mobile device.

I Track Direct can provide businesses with the right solution in a customizable package. Our tracking solution provides the user with the location of the vehicle which is collected through GPS. This GPS data along with other information collected from the vehicle by using different sensors are sent to the central server. Users can log in to the Vehicle Tracking app via their PC or smartphone and the vehicle information can be viewed on an electronic map.

Why Rely on Our GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Our vehicle tracking solution consists of a highly accurate GPS tracking device that fits inside your vehicle dashboard and captures the GPS location data and other vehicle information from different sensors at regular intervals to a central server. Depending on the status of the vehicle information will be updated at particular intervals. At moving condition, the GPS tracking unit transmits data to the server every minute and fifteen minutes at stop condition.

The GPS and vehicle information is saved to the central server for short periods (as per client requirements). Thereby, the user can view past history within those short periods. Given below are the different kinds of information that can be collected via our GPS vehicle tracking unit.

  • Vehicle Location
  • Date and time
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Current status of the vehicle (moving or stop)
  • Odometer reading
  • Vehicle speed and altitude
  • Fuel tank status
  • A/C On/Off status
  • Vehicle temperature
  • Battery voltage

Contact Us with Your Vehicle Tracking Requirements

If your vehicle tracking system requirements include real-time vehicle location tracking, creating geo-fence, getting SMS alerts at regular intervals, setting different alarm conditions, and full control over GPS vehicle tracking system then contact us and we can provide you a budget-friendly and tailor-made solution for efficiently running your fleet.