Maximize impact with vehicle tracking systems that meet your needs

GPS vehicle tracking software combines efficiency and productivity in one platform. Today, vehicle tracking devices provide businesses with insight into where vehicles are, vehicle and driver activity reporting, and details into driver behaviour. Our vehicle tracking devices can take your fleet operations to a subsequent level.


Enhance your business with a vehicle tracking system.

Whilst employees may not like them citing privacy concerns, in reality, there are many major business benefits of GPS vehicle tracking devices. These benefits include:

Improved productivity and fewer calls to drivers

Whilst it’s important to contact drivers about changes in pickups, deliveries and service calls, the frequent calls asking “Where are you now?” is highly distracting to the driver and is also a very inefficient use of the driver’s time and the time of your head office staff. Imagine the time wasted with a fleet of business vehicles!

Live Google or Bing maps can help you save time by eliminating those calls. All of your company vehicles will be on one map and easy to find.

The travelled route of each vehicle can be viewed for the day, answering those queries of “have they been to X customer yet?

If a customer calls and has an urgent pickup or service call requirement, it’s also simple to visually see the closest field vehicle that could potentially make the visit. Or if one field driver is delayed, another close by driver could make the customer visit.

This improves productivity, improves your profitability and reduces unnecessary phone calls to drivers.

Fleet Productivity

Regardless of your industry, vehicle tracking systems provide managers with insight into each vehicle’s status, overall performance, driver behaviour and more, to assist optimize the business, improve planning and ultimately, provide better customer service. Over the past decade, many businesses are counting on GPS vehicle tracking to enhance fleet productivity and easily do more with less.

Driver Behaviour

A comprehensive vehicle tracking system allows fleet managers to spot unsafe driving habits. Our platform allows users to report finding out how vehicles are being driven; this includes speeding, harsh braking, acceleration and cornering. By using the data, fleet managers have seen a discount of fuel costs and fewer accidents. Vehicle tracking software can improve not only driver behaviour and safety but help business owners make more-informed decisions.


There are many laws and regulations surrounding fleet compliance, companies must adhere to all or any occupational health and safety laws. Fleet managers from varies industries must assure compliance is being met and safety of their staff and therefore the surrounding community may be a top priority. Vehicle tracking systems provide visibility with easy, accurate, and automatic information into one application.


The needs and requirements of your business are constantly evolving. Finding a vehicle tracking system which will meet your business requirements now and also as your company grows is vital to future proof your investment. The Track 3 offers great flexibility through its product enhancements and integrations with leading industry applications.


Frequently asked questions

What are vehicle tracking devices? How does it all work? What does vehicle tracking software look like? Why is tracking important? Get the answers to the foremost asked questions on vehicle tracking systems.

How does a vehicle tracking system work?

Vehicle tracking systems use both a hardware component and a software platform to watch a good range of data concerning a private vehicle or asset within a fleet. The GPS vehicle tracking device collects the GPS coordinates of a vehicle alongside vehicle activity and, therefore, the date and time the activity happened. The vehicle tracking software gathers the info, including vehicle location, driver behaviour, engine diagnostics and vehicle activity, and visualises this information on the fleet management software.

What sorts of vehicles am i able to track with my vehicle tracking system?

Vehicle tracking systems are an excellent tool for businesses looking to speed up their fleet operations. These technology-based resources can track not just cars but also a spread of medium-to-heavy-duty assets, buses, cargo vans, specialty trucks for dumping and cementing and far more.

What does a vehicle tracking device look like?

There is an outsized sort of GPS vehicle tracking systems and may vary from model, implementation type and the way the system is powered. Battery powered GPS trackers are normally about the dimensions of your palm and are then placed either inside or outside of a vehicle or asset.

Another sort of GPS tracker plugs in underneath the wheel of a vehicle within the OBD 2 port, which is additionally referred to as the PC diagnostics port. it’s sort of small plug and may sometimes be seen protruding out of the port. It also tucked behind the dashboard to stay hidden. The hard-wired gps tracking device is professionally installed within the vehicle and is hidden behind the vehicle dashboard.

Why are business getting vehicle tracking systems?

Vehicle tracking systems are an important tool for today’s fleet managers, dispatchers, and business owners, allowing them to accurately track and manage the movements and details of a whole fleet in real-time. The software integrates and interprets data collected from GPS trackers, machine diagnostics and other software programs to offer users in-depth insight — all from behind a display screen .

How is a vehicle tracking system implemented?

Selecting and implementing a vehicle tracking system takes proper planning and research. To possess the foremost successful implementation of the system, make certain to define business goals, set expectations, calculate costs, and understand how the vehicle tracking software will improve productivity and efficiency for everybody involved. Educate the workers using the system in order that they are conscious of how this may affect them. Create a radical and detailed on boarding program for the implementation process to make sure compliance and training of all employees.

Can my vehicle tracking system be used to manage other assets?

Yes. Advanced vehicle tracking systems enable powered assets (such as construction equipment) and none powered assets (such as trailers) to be tracked and managed through an equivalent platform.