GPS Tracking Video Tutorials

Here are a few helpful video tutorials to guide you through the Tracking Panel and using the features of our GPS Trackers. 

TRACK MANAGER MOT Service Reminders  – Quick Tips 4
How to set reminders for servings and MOT requirements for your fleet so that you receive notifications of these events using Track Manager
TRACK MANAGER Tracker History  – Quick Tips 3
Looking back at a vehicles GPS Tracking History and driving speeds on a road by road basis
TRACK MANAGER Changing Vehicle Details – Quick Tips 2
Changing Vehicle Details and Icons within our GPS Tracking Platform. Updating Odometer Details Vehicle Icons Driver Details
Logging into TRACK MANAGER – Quick Tips 1
How to log into our Track Manager platform for GPS Tracking. This is just a short help video for Quick Access to our DEMO account. Not all functions are activated on this demo account. Please subscribe to our channel for more updates.
Introduction to our Tracking Platform

Here is a short introduction for new users to our amazing GPS Tracking Platform. Please feel free to contact us for more info or watch more videos as they appear on this page. Customer Service is so important to us .

Viper Magnetic GPS Trackers – Viper 6700

Its this easy to fit a Magnetic GPS Tracker. Ideally point the Magnetic Part of the Tracker upwards like in the video. This will increase accuracy of the GPS tracking Signal. This must be balances with the need to keep the Tracker position covert. 

Help setting up your Mobile Push Alerts for our APP “Trackserver”

Please watch this video to setup the alerts to your mobile phone for your GPS Tracking Device.