GPS Tracking Video Tutorials

Here are a few helpful video tutorials to guide you through the Tracking Panel and using the features of our GPS Trackers. 

Track Manager Installing an FMT100 Waterproof GPS Tracker from I Track Direct

Please use this video as a guide to installing an FMT100 GPS Tracker from I Track Direct. This is a simple way to install this GPS Tracker but this can be installed many other ways covertly inside the vehicle. This GPS Tracker has a larger antenna than the FMB920 model and is idea for Vehicle Tracking.

Track Manager Complaint Handling – Quick Tips 5

Dealing with a complaint of one of your fleet? Use Track Manager to help you identify where to start your investigation. You are able to search the general location of the complaint to see which vehicle entered that location and establish exact dates, times and driver identification.

TRACK MANAGER MOT Service Reminders  – Quick Tips 4
How to set reminders for servings and MOT requirements for your fleet so that you receive notifications of these events using Track Manager
TRACK MANAGER Tracker History  – Quick Tips 3
Looking back at a vehicles GPS Tracking History and driving speeds on a road by road basis
TRACK MANAGER Changing Vehicle Details – Quick Tips 2
Changing Vehicle Details and Icons within our GPS Tracking Platform. Updating Odometer Details Vehicle Icons Driver Details
Logging into TRACK MANAGER – Quick Tips 1
How to log into our Track Manager platform for GPS Tracking. This is just a short help video for Quick Access to our DEMO account. Not all functions are activated on this demo account. Please subscribe to our channel for more updates.
TRACK MANAGER – A Brief Look Around 
A brief look around the NEW Track Manager GPS Tracking Platform. We show you how to see your units and look at some of the settings to help you. In this one specifically we are looking at the Temperature Monitoring and producing the report to show temperatures. We also look at history Trails, idle reports and driver behaviour briefly. We will add more videos for specific features and functions.