motorhome trackers

Motorhome trackers are devices that can help you avoid thieves trying to steal your motorhome, and help you track the vehicle yourself if thieves have stolen it.

If you want to ensure that your motorhome is protected from theft and that it can be recovered if stolen, you need to install a motorhome GPS tracking system.

Basic motorhome security

If your motorhome is under 25 years old, it will most likely have a basic immobiliser and alarm system. Factory-fitted immobilisers are difficult to bypass, as they are often integrated into the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU).

If theft occurs, a vehicle tracking device can track it remotely. But as you would expect, the basic features of the security system in a motorhome are always present, and it is easy for thieves to find them.

Professional thieves will use a key-relay device in order to steal the vehicle, or may break into a house to steal the keys.

Some modern vehicles protect themselves against theft by installing a clever lock or key fob that requires you to lock it remotely.

Some criminal gangs have keymasters who can make up and code a copy of any stolen vehicle. Key cloning is common, and thieves know exactly where the vehicle is and how to get it stolen. Those who are determined are tricky to stop.

What technology do motorhome trackers use?

Tracking systems for motorhomes use satellite tracking technology and mobile phone networks to communicate with a central control centre.

If your motorhome is stolen, a GPS motorhome tracker can help you and assist the police with a successful recovery.

Some motorhome trackers use a combination of satellite GPS and the mobile phone network, while others use radio frequency beacons. If you elect for a live tracking system, when motion is detected, you will receive a push notification which will be triggered from our custom mobile phone app, which will need to be installed on your mobile phone.

If you installed our wired motorhome tracker, you will receive an instant push notification to alert you that your motorhome is moving which would give you a better chance to recover your motorhome quickly, after all, thieves need to steal the vehicle first before they can find the installed motorhome tracker.

Can tracking my motorhome save me money on my motorhome insurance?

Many insurers will not even quote you unless you have fitted a tracker to your motorhome if it is worth more than a certain amount, typically £50,000–£60,000. If you fit an approved tracker, you could save money on your motorhome insurance premium as the Tracker is generally a monitored system by a control room set for unauthorised driving. The installation is also generally more covert.

However, in recent months we have seen insurers asking for Trackers to be fitted and even insurance approved Trackers and no discounts being offered so you should check this with your insurance company first.

Thatcham is an independent body that tests the effectiveness of security products. It rates trackers as either S5 or S7 Insurance Approved.

Installing motorhome trackers near me

We are the leading installer of mobile tracking systems for caravans and motorhomes across the UK. We can provide you with the fastest tracking system installation in the UK.

I Track Direct offer fully mobile installation services so that we can come to your location and install a motorhome tracking system for you.

If you would like to install a motorhome tracker yourself, our GPS 521 tracker would be a great choice as it works out the box and can easily be installed.

Our GPS 521 motorhome tracker has many benefits, such as:

✓ Up to 1 year battery life

✓ Fully Sealed IP67 Case

✓ Magnetic Base Available ( Sold Separately)

✓ FREE APP for smart phones

✓ FREE Next day Delivery (Monday to Friday (order before 12pm))

✓ No Contract

✓ £8.50 Inc. VAT per month DIRECT DEBIT (unlimited tracking)

✓ The Tracker will arrive all ready to go. 

✓ QI Wireless Charging Pad included

✓ Low Battery Alerts

✓ Ideal for vehicles, trailers, plant, machinery, caravans, boats and more

Why should I use a motorhome tracker?

Motorhome trackers provide valuable information that can help you recover your motorhome if it’s stolen.

Trackers for motorhomes, camper vans, and caravans do more than just allow you to see where your valuable vehicle is. You will have full access to your vehicle’s location.

If your vehicle is driven by more than one person, our wired motorhome tracker will be a good choice because it has many benefits such as:

  • See driver and vehicle location in real-time.
  • Track driver conduct such as speeding or poor driving
  • Easily identify out of hours use and save money
  • Monitor your vehicle 24/7 via our dedicated platform and also available on a Smartphone App (Android and Apple Smartphones Compatible)
  • History reports, including Historic location search to see where the vehicle was at a specific time
  • Driver Behaviour.
  • Speed Reports

Mobile tracking apps allow you to monitor multiple vehicles at once, which is great for owners who have over one vehicle. Tracking devices are an essential safety measure that will help you ensure you can recover your motorhome and other assets if they get stolen.